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Raid ArrayRaid Array

Lieutenant Commander



Human, Male

Minotaur (Theseus)


Raid Array  Raid Array's background:  This human was born the son of two well known and respected scientists, his father a physicist and his mother a naturalist.  Raid inherited all of his parents' talent but, alas, almost none of their discipline.  Growing up, he proved to be a natural wizard with electronics and gadgetry, and each of his parents tried to push him through school to follow in their footsteps.  Raid's attention span was to short though, and his interest drifted from one subject to another...led by a strange longing, never staying focused long enough to complete a traditional education as his father wished.  In the end, the pressure to live up to his family's expectations was too much, and he had a falling out with his father.   Shortly afterwords, both his young fiancee and his mother died together in a tragic monorail accident.  The loss of the two women he loved most combined with anger towards his father and his restless spirit, caused him to leave home and seek out a position on an exploration mission.  He now goes by a nickname he picked up in school, Raid Array, to avoid the recognition of his family name.  The secret to Raid's incredible stamina is not just physical, but comes from a burning desire to survive and beat the odds.

  Appearance:  Raid is of medium height and build for a human and never seems to gain or lose any weight.  His loose fitting coveralls conceal an incredibly well defined and balanced physique.  Some people suspect that Raid was genetically enhanced by his parents before birth.  If this is true, Raid was never told.  He usually wears a headband to keep his thick black hair out of his eyes, especially when examining a specimen or tinkering with high-tech equipment.  Raid sometimes betrays an unconscious arrogance of speech or manner due to his upper class academic background.

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