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Primary Skill Area


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Personnel File

Alyson Drake1aAlyson Drake

Security Officer



Human, Female

Laco (Dixon's Star)





Alyson Drake1Background:

  As she was growing up Alyson learned her hand to hand combat skills in one of the local martial arts schools.  She applied for the UPF when she was 18 but without the requisite skills was asked to re-aply at a future date.  Hoping to gain the necessary skills, Alyson took a basic course in Beam weapons before applying succesfully for a position at Streel Security.  After a three years working as a night watchman Alyson quit and went back to Laco but couldn't find the thrills she lomged for on her home world either.  Seeing another security position advertised for Streel, with the promise of more offworld adventure, Alyson went back to work for her former employers, looking for work that would bring the thrills so desperately longed for.

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