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GlooGloo - gloobadunm




Dralasite, Male

Truane's Star


Gloo  Background:  Gloo wa born in 89 P.F. to a military minded Dral on Truanes Star, upon reaching adulthood and elistment age.  Id too joined in the military and was soon caught up in the colonial disputes and sent to the police action of Cygnus Omicron IX where was severely injured in a friendly fire incident and was sent back to Turanes Star and discharged.  Didnt make the cut for the first expedition to Volturnus.  But immediatly signed up for the second expedition /rescue mission and was accepted, employed by the Department of Natural Resources.  Gloo is not sure where this mission will lead its future, but hopes it will be alot better than Cygnus, but only time will tell...

  Appearance: Gloo is an average sized dral, has 3 legs and 3 arms,in the male phase of life.and Ids skin is a darker shade of gray than normal. Favours clothes over going without.  Scars from the action on Cygnus OmicronIX are hardly noticeable anymore on 'face' and the others are generally covered by clothes and Id doesnt like to discuss the particulars.  Tends to keep mission on forefront of thought, quietly analyzing events to Idself, sometimes voicing opinions whether wanted or not.

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