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Chief Medical Officer



Vrusk, Male

Zik-kit (Kizk-Kar)


Sni'ktl-Chief Medical Officer  Background: Sn'iktl was picked as an organiser early on in his hive-life.  He was sent away to college for appropriate training.  After a psychology option in 1st year he was greatly influenced by Proferssor Ick'tik'en'qart.  The idea that the eternal inner conflict within an individual species member's mind was more significant than conflict between members' of separate species appealed to Sni'ktl and it certainly explained most wars better.  The chance to experiment with the Prof's perspective inverter and assorted other conciousness altering procedures was a bonus.
  Sni'ktl soon rebelled against his hive's demands to return home and work off his student loan.  He bought this out with money earned doing stand-up hypnotism in clubs on mining colonies.  Eventually the opportunity came in the form of a job offer at DNR.  Chief Medical Officer - he had applied as a first contact understudy.  Oh well some bureaucrat had muddled up the papers and the interview panel had been impressed with his people skills.  So here he is, an adventurer on the boundaries of conciousness scouring the pathways of the psyche, hoping to find his way off of a dessert world where his breathing pores are continually clogged.

  Appearance: TBA

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