Player Name


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Character Name

Sp'ockMan'Tiss Sp'ock

Race & Sex

Vrusk, Male

Primary Skill Area



Zik-kit (Kizk-Kar)

Experience Points: 12



27  (Born 88 pf)

Special Ability

Comprehension 15%



Strength / Stamina


Current Stamina


Dexterity / Reaction Speed




Intuition / Logic




Personality / Leadership



Pan Galactic Bank

Punch Strength

4 (+2 Martial Arts)



Skills - PSA

Skills - Secondary

Skills - Misc.


Martial Arts Lvl 2

Beam Weapons Lvl 2

Melee Weapons Lvl 1

Projectile Weapons Lvl 1

Thrown Weapons Lvl 1

Demolitions Lvl 1

  • Setting Charges 40%
  • Defusing Charges 60% - 10% per setter's skill level


Robotics Lvl 1

  • Identification 110% -10% per robot level
  • Adding Equipment 100%
  • Repairing Robots 50% -10% per robot level
  • Activate/Deactivate 100%
  • Removing Security Locks 80% -10% per robot level
  • Listing Functions 100% -10% per robot level
  • Altering Functions 70% -10% per robot level
  • Altering Mission 60% -10% per robot level
  • Malfunctions


Body Speak Lvl 1: 50%

Concealment Lvl 1: 50%

Weapons Repair Lvl 1 10%


Training Shortfall


Credits: - Days: -


Background: Sp'ock the early years.

  Born in the year 88pf.  A curiousity that puzzled Sp'ock for years.  Why is the calender measured in a decline towards Federation?  It was in his third year of instruction that it was made clear in the tale of the history book lucky enough to fall through a wormhole in time that revealed that federation would occur at tis time.  Much partying was done amongst the war weary peoples of the frontier at the news.  The large battles recorded and the outcomes also described have so far not prevented a single one.
  Both Sp'ock's parents his father Fa'koff and his mother Ku'tee worked, and indeed still do work for Zik-kit Ordinance, as Robot Technicians. Sp'ock learnt his skills with robots from them in his youth.
  As with all children Sp'ock attended a company school where he was prepared for a life in the proffession chosen for him.  His below average scores in all but the physical test play lessons dictated that the military was for him, and so was he schooled.
  From the age of 10 Sp'ock has been trained in military tactics, not his best field, in security protocols, a bit better there, and in martial arts.  It was to the phylosophy as well as the hitting and kicking that Sp'ock came to love.  The mindless tedium of military training the shouting, running, marching, and throwing of oneself into wet holes in the ground, these were endured.  The chance to spend doing meditation in movement forms were the closest to bliss Sp'ock had ever been. Well, before he discovered sex anyway.
  Once through the schooling training phase Sp'ock went on to an unispired hitch with the company marines as  a securtiy officer with some robotics skill.  This latter was called upon regularly increasing his familiarity with the basic units.
  Assigned to the 2nd Corp 6th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, of the Zik-kit Space Marines, in particular Rau'checks Roughnecks company C, Sp'ock saw action in a number of roles. Mainly as support and peace keeping around company instillations.
  With that done with Sp'ock drifted through a couple of minor jobs as a freelance before undertaking this current chore. That's about it I think

  Appearance:  TBA

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