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  Step back into the past, join The Black Hand Gang from the adventure that started it all "Volturnus, Planet of Mystery ", then on to "Sundown on Starmist", "Mission to Alcazzar" and now "Dark Side of the Moon".

  Protocols for The Black Hand Gang Play by Email Campaign. 

  All turns are submitted officially via email to and all posts are available from web site as well as a list of relevant links.   

  In your "Official Turn" please use the "Turn number or Chapter number" in your subject header followed by your In Character and Out Of Character statements .  Anything you want to do or say In Character should be preceded by [IC]. Any other Out of Character comments or questions should be preceded by [OOC].  

Director Louis V. Jameson

Louis V Jameson

Lieutenant Commander Raid Array

Raid Array

  Please try to write your turn in the "third person" as it makes my cut 'n paste work a whole lot faster and easier and makes for a much smoother read in the finished product.  The more you role-play your character  (i.e. make your emails look more like chapters out of novels etc) the more experience points you can collect.  You've all seen enough crappy hollywood movies to have a shit load of appropriate one liners.  This game is played by mature adults and the conversation may sometimes be "Full and Frank", be advised that they language may become colourful at times.

  Experience is awarded at the end of each Chapter for each character active for that Chapter.  Bonus experience points will be awarded for any contributions that improve game play either mechanically or aesthetically.  Another bonus experience point will also be awarded to every character who submits a turn each week or turn, as the case may be.

Commander  xZot

Commander xZot

Doog Luos

Doog Lous A

Lieutenant Commander Con Anderson


Borovski Getmeov



Siu-Ling Davignon

Chief Science Officer X'anthe Treborux




  This play-by-email adventure uses the original Alpha-Dawn rules and is augmented with highlights from Zebulons Guide.  Re-shape the future, fight alongside the heroes of the Second Sathar War, build your own Mega-corporation or join the elite of UPF Fleet or even the legendary Star Law Rangers. 

  All current data available to these adventurers is here.  Character Sheets and Inventories are listed in the Character Stats section or you can investigate and pursue caree" opportunities at the Convention Centre in Port Loren and supplement your skills on the Experience page.

  Current scenario maps and system data for Zebulon and also Mission Diary.  Rules for this PBEM are below, basic game mechanics and information about the Star Frontiers Universe is at U.P.F. Headquarters and basic team manouvers are outlined in Tactical Display.

  I am shooting for weekly turn arounds whenever possible.  Every Sunday evening Brisbane, Australia time.  It may not always be nescessary for every character to submit a turn every week, particularly with the established Chain of Command.  Extended lapses in communication however, may well result in your character being used for target practice :)

Sni'ktl-Chief Medical Officer
 Chief Medical Officer Sn'iktl

Alyson Drake

Alyson Drake1

Mack "OMAC" O'Malley



Nathaniel Kane
Nathaniel Kane

Crisbel Ori Jatuan


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