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Welcome to the United Planetary Federation Head Quarters

  Everything you need to know to play the "Black Hand Gang" Play-by-Email "Star Frontiers" campaign is contained here.  Rules for Character generation,and Combat,  and all information available to the players on the Frontier, it's History and Inhabitants.   Character Statistics, Mission Diaries, Maps and Tactical Data for the current campaign are also stored here.  There is a lso information on Law Enforcement and the Military arm of the UPF as well as a constantly growing virtual Star Frontiers City: Port Loren

  Step back into the past, join The Black Hand Gang in the adventure that started it all "Volturnus, Planet of Mystery ", the play-by-email adventure using the original Alpha-Dawn rules and augmented with highlights from Zebulons Guide.  Re-shape the future, fight alongside the heroes of the Second Sathar War, build your own Mega-corporation or join the elite of UPF Fleet or even the legendary Star Law Rangers.

CaptainHLogo  To register statistics for your character with the United Planetary Federation database, please visit the Registration page and select your skills and submit requisitions for weapons, equipment, vehicles and other inventory.


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