"Scanners indicate we are not the first beings to visit these co-ordinates Captain!"

Player Name


Primary Skill Area


Character Name


Primary Skill (Must be from PSA)




Secondary Skill




Age Score (1d10)






Human characters can add 5 points to any 1 (one) of these statistics

Scores for Str/Sta, Dex/RS, Int/Log and Per/Ldr may be modified by checking the box and selecting the skill to modify by up to 10 points (the opposite score will be lowered by by the same amount)

After character generation you may lodge an equipment requisition for up up to 250 credits.  The remaining credits will be deposited in your pre-selected account.

Initial Credit:  250 + d%

Initial Account

Strength / Stamina (d%)

To Modify +/- 10 check here


 each + in "Str" = a - in "Sta"

Dexterity / Reaction Speed (d%)

To Modify +/- 10 check here


each + in "Dex" = a - in "RS"

Intuition / Logic (d%)

To Modify +/- 10 check here


each + in "Int" = a - in "Log"

Personality / Leadership (d%)

To Modify +/- 10 check here


each + in "Per" = a - in "Ldr"



Home Planet (System)


Character Registration:  To generate a Star Frontiers character for the Black Hand Gang PBEM, fill in the form below.  Use a percentile dice roll for each category marked with the (%) symbol.  For a complete run down on character generation check out the Character Generation section.

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