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  Welcome to the hub of The Frontier, set within the central commercial district of Port Loren, on the planet Gran Quivera, in the Prenglar system.  Some sections of this map have links to appropriate areas within this site, feel free to explore the city.

Volturnus Series


Sundown on Starmist


Basic Rule Book


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Warriors of White Light


Dramune Run


Aramax One


Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes


All the NPC's used to populate the city of Port Loren are based on pre-generated characters from the various "Star Frontiers" modules (Who ever said you couldn't recycle an NPC?) as more NPC's are added a colour coding system will be used to show who came from where. 

  The mega-corporations are not the only "power-brokers" in Frontier society.  Two others are the various cardes and cults that have gained substantial followings.  They are by no means all public, and some are almost impossible to encounter, but they exist and pursue their beliefs nonetheless.
  Cadres are planetary organizations of people who are all members of the same profession (except the Spacers who can be found throughout the Frontier). There are cadres of teachers, miners, public transportation operators, and so forth.  These cadres are constantly battling the mega-corps for more credits, more benefits, and more control over their occupations.  Sometimes a cadre is honest, sometimes not, but lately many of them have been studying the renewed militancy with which the mega-corps pursue their goals.  Some of the more powerful cadres, such as the Synthfood Workers or the Brotherhood of Spacers, may resort to their own brand of militancy to resolve differences in the future.  Star Law is monitoring cadres carefully at the present time.
  Cults spring up everywhere but usually fade within the year.  Some are religious, some are social, others comprise outright fanatics who like to express themselves in bizarre ways.  Of the hundreds of known cults throughout the Frontier, a few have emerged over the last two years that present a very real danger.

Living Expenses
For each standard of living, a representative income is given, then followed by the expenses incurred.  Note: A typical work week is 7 days on, 3 days off (10 day week, 40 day month).   Prices somewhat more expensive on stations, and quarters smaller. But stations also may not have monorail fees.  Prices for each category are minimum guidelines for each standard of living, and considers only a single person.

Food on the Frontier
As unified as the Frontier may be against threats to its safety, the vast diversity of the Frontier races manifests itself particularly when it comes to food. Having developed on different worlds and under different conditions, it is logical that each of the individual races would have their own particular requirements and tastes when it comes to nutritional satisfaction. A discourse on the various cuisine of the Frontier races is also included here

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