Skill Cost Table

Military PSA

Tech PSA

Biosocial PSA

Misc Skills

Pilot Skills

Spacer Skills

Gunnery Skills

Level 1

3 (6)

4 (8)

5 (10)

1 (2)




Level 2

6 (12)

8 (16)

10 (20)

2 (4)




Level 3

9 (18)

12 (24)

15 (30)

4 (8)




Level 4

12 (24)

16 (32)

20 (40)

6 (12)




Level 5

15 (30)

20 (40)

25 (50)

8 (16)




Level 6

18 (36)

24 (48)

30 (60)

10 (20)




Characters can increase their ability scores, and racial abilities, and gain skills through adventuring. As characters adventure, they learn from their experiences and improve themselves through practice. In STAR FRONTIERS games, this type of experience is recorded with experience points (XP). The referee hands out experience points at the end of an adventure to reward characters' performance and success. If a character performed beyond the expectations of his employer, he will receive more experience. If he failed miserably at his task, he will receive less experience.

Improving Abilities
  Players can increase their characters' ability scores by trading 1 XP to raise an ability score 1 point. No ability score can ever be raised above 100.
EXAMPLE: Rex Dexter earned 5 XP in his latest adventure. The player decides to spend 3 XP increasing Rex's Logic score from 50 to 53, and 2 points increasing his Personality from 65 to 67.
Certain Racial Abilities (Lie Detection, Comprehension and Battle Rage) also can be increased by trading 1 XP to increase the ability 1 point. Racial Abilities cannot be raised above 100.
Obviously, increasing a character's ability scores will improve his chances to perform special actions, will improve his chanccs to hit in combatby increasing Dexterity, and will increase his chances to survive by increasing his Stamina. Raising ability scores also can replace points lost permanently to disease or tissue deterioration in a freeze field.

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Special Ability


Skill Level

PSA Skill

Skill Level

PSA Skill

Skill Level

Miscellaneous Skill





Spacer Skill Level

Spacer Skill

Gunnery Skill level

Gunnery Skill



  Characters can learn skills which allow them to perform special actions. Each skill has six levels of expertise. A character can raise his skill levels by spending experience points. Experiences points can be traded to gain a level 1 skill or to increase a skill the character already has to the next level. The number of XP that must be traded for each skill and skill level is described in the SKILLS section.
Learning Skills
  To learn new or higher-level skills, characters must spend experience points. The experience point cost depends on the skill's level and PSA. The Skill Cost Table shows the costs for each level of skill in the different PSAs. If the skill is from the character's Primary Skill Area, the cost is the number in the column. A character can learn skills from other PSAs, but must pay twice as many experience points for them. Doubled costs are shown in parentheses.  A character can learn only one skill level at a time. Skipping levels is not allowed, even if the character has enough experience points to do so.
EXAMPLE: Brango O'Bourke, a Human, has accumulated 10 experience points on adventures. The player decides to spend these experience points to increase Brango's Gyrojet Weapons skill from level 2 to level 3. Brango's Primary Skill Area is Military, so the new level costs him 9 experience points. The player increases Brango's Gyrojet Weapons skill level from 2 to 3 on the character sheet, and subtracts 9 from his experience point total. Brango has 1 experience point left.

Training:  When characters learn new skills or increase a skill level, they must be trained somehow. Three methods are described below.
HYPNO-TRAINING. Hypno-training is a teaching system that involves hypnotism, memorization and the use of drugs that improve the mind's ability to learn. A character with enough experience points can learn a new skill or skill level at a hypno-training center in five days (100 hours) for 100 Cr.

TEACHERS. A character with enough experience points can learn a new skill or skill level from another character. The teacher's skill level must be at least two levels higher than the pupil's. A character can learn a new skill or skill level from a teacher in one month.

PRACTICE. Characters with enough experience points can learn new skills or skill levels simply by practicing. This is not always possible, however, especially with skills that require special equipment.

All three of these methods are optional. Some referees may want to ignore this rule, and simply allow players to pick new skills when their characters have earned enough experience points. Training is more realistic, but also more complicated.


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