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ConAndersonCon Anderson

Lieutenant Commander



Human, Male

Gran Quivera (Prenglar)


ConAnderson  Background:  Con Edison Anderson was born onthe Planet Gran Quivaera in the Prengular system, in a remote village outside Port Loren called Monmouth.  Monmouth was run by a corrupt official named Kerrner Slade.  In this village was an orphanage that was run by Con's on again and off again lover Suzannah.  Slade levied taxes on the orphanage in order to foreclose on the orphanage so as to get the track of land it sat on.  To the defense of the orpanage comes Con and his side kick Tallas Bane.  Con and Tallas, not being the most respectful of men to begin with take to the road ways to ambush the taxmen of Kernner Slade.  The money is doled out to to the orphanage and to others in need.  Con and Tallas thwarted many plans that would have brought suffering to the good people of Monmouth.  One fateful day Con's life was about to change.  While trying to stop Slade's men, the orphanage was razed.  During the ensuing fire fight Con was able to rescue Suzannah from the clutches of Kernner's son Kennion.  Kennion was killed in the battle by Con.  Con, Tallas and Suzannah made one last stand.  Con in his two-pistol style felled more of Slade's men.  In this stand, Tallas was killed.  As Con and Suzannah made their escape the two seperated.  Suzannah on safely on the road to Port Loren, Con took his chances in Monmouth.  Slade, using his corrupt police force was determined to see Con hang for his crimes.  Con, determined not to be caught, made his way to Port Loren and booked passage to Truane's Star to serve in the Defense Force, away from Slade's reach, for now.  Con knows it is not over between him and Slade and looks forward to bringing him down.  Con has not seen Suzannah after he put her on the road to Port Loren.  To this day he does not know her fate.

  Appearance: Con is six foot even.  He has ice blue eyes and brown hair.  He is a stout fighter but his rougish eays make him better suited to be a highwayman than a soldier.  He can remind one of the type of man that would join the Laco's Desert Legion.  His mates value his loyalty, his gambling, and his ability to close a bar.  His off duty party habits have become legendary in every garrison he has been posted.  Con wears two laser pistols on his hip and carries a bull whip and machete along with his laser rifle.

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