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Doog Lous Doog Luoos

Security Officer



Human, Male

Gran Quivera (Prenglar)


Doog Lous MainBackground:
Born to a line of famous debaters with in the upper echelons on Terledrom society, Doog always felt smothered by his overbearing parentage that had predetermined his career choices for him. His family members, having excelled in Dralasite cultural practice of debate, are at the center of Terledrom's foremost thinkers on philosophy and political theory and academia. Many have held key political positions within the Dralasite/ Vursk colony and it was long expected that Doog would follow in the Luos tradition.
 Doog's first escapes were through computers and the information net and the "bad" human comedians not good enough to entertain in a human colony but very popular with Dralasites. In time he became quite skilled at infiltrating computer nets. His family was pleased with his ability to research information but seriously frowned on the youth's obvious wander lust which lead to their enrolling him in philosophical studies.
 Feeling trapped Doog often cut class to wander over to the space hub and would hack into ships astro files to vicariously escape Terledrom. During one such hacking attempt he was caught by a Vursk freighter captain who seemed to well understand Doog's predicament and offered him a berth as a computer tech assistant. Unfortunately, the freighter was set upon by pirates on its second void jump in the Cassidine system. The local anti-piracy patrol was able to respond but not before all the crew, except Doog, was killed. Since Doog had been only listed as super-numerancy cargo the freight line refused to pay him and threatened to prosecute him as a stowaway.
 Nearly penniless and stuck in Cassidine, Doog jumped at the first job offer he found. Unfortunately that was with Streel Corp, on Alcazzar.

Doog Luos is a typically short Dralasite, 1.2 meters tall with a superprisingly smooth, for a Dralasite, gray skin than lined with blue veins just visible under the skin. His eye spots are a startling shade of blue that some humans find very appealing. He maintains 3 legs for walking and 2 hands with the right being his preferred limb. Since he can generate a 6th limb he usually saves that for doing tech work: holding a light, tool or schematic.

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