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X'antheX'anthe Treborux

Science Officer



Human, Female


XantheTreborax  Background:  X'anthe was the youngest of eleven children born to devout followers of the now almost defunct "The First Folk" religion (amazing what the discovery of other intelligent races did to a religion which believes man was created in the 'First Mother's'  image).  Despite her strict and extremely race bigoted upbringing X'anthe, being the youngest child, had a lot of time on her hands and set about exploring and interacting with any and all people she met.
   Posing as a street urchin and giving a false name she managed to become enrolled at a martial arts school under a civic improvement program.  Here she not only learnt martial arts but also basic environmental skills.  Unfortunately her deception and true descendancy became known just prior to graduation (the Treborux name was associated with the worst kind of religious zealotry and she was expelled ) so despite having the skills she learned, she has no formal recognition of any such schooling.
    On her parents learning of her deception and her consorting with unholy perversions (as her father called the other intelligent races) she was thrown out of home.  So with no formal qualifications she set out to make her way in the universe, dreaming of one day becoming a spacer.  She was picking up odd work any where she could whilst trying to reach Port Loren.  Unfortunately by misreading a space flight schedule she ended up on a flight to Truanes Star by mistake and out of funds.  By means of some fast talking and a display of her great reflexes she attained a position with the Truane's Star Department of Natural Resources as a deputy environment officer and as such finds herself here on Volturnus.

  Appearance:  TBA

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