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GleepGleep Glooup

Communications Officer



Dralasite, Male

Inner Reach (Dramune)


Gleep  Background: GleepGlooup was born (relative term) on Inner Reach (Dramune) at a very young age in the year 89 (pf) in a small farming community named Drozzel.  Working on his uncle's farm, he never expected to amount to much.  Once he started formal schooling, at a late age because that's the way things are done in Drozzel, he showed a great talent and interest in electronics and communication equipment.  The  one thing that held him back was his propensity for practical jokes and ancient humor (how many Vrusk does it take to change a plasma tube?)  Relations with other genders were always a problem for Gleep and there would never be any chance for anything long-term (or short term for that matter), so he attempted to make his way to the "big city" in his late teens.  The big city was Gauloup, big by his standards, but a hole by the standards of an interplanetary city.  He was able to learn many things there, despite the fact that it is only on the most detailed of maps.  The most important thing he learned was, there is a universe out there, and this wasn't it.  He set off for the Capitol of Inner Reach.  His growing expertise with communications equipment was sufficient to get him in the door to a small company called Widget's 'R Us.  This led to a sub-contract for the Streel Corporation.  His unusual background enabled him to solve some communication problems using unique solutions (ok, it really isn't true he used a child's band-aid, but it makes for a funny story) and this got him noticed, and got him a job for Streel.  He is working on a library/transmitter for spreading humor and stories on sub-space bands to the universe.

  Appearance: GleepGlooup stands at about 1.45 metres, depending on his appendage configuration, large for a Dralasite.  He isn't the most handsom blob on the block, but he is confident and it shows.  His sense of humor shows in his easy demeanor and he is ready with a smile, except for the occasional meetings with something trying to kill him, in which case the smile is replaced with a scowl.  Gleep would be more likely to have a screwdriver in his hand than a pistol (but it never got him drunk).  His work on the farm had developed his physique and given him a darker complexion than most Dralasites.

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