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Personnel File

CrisbellCrisbel Ori Jatuan

Security Officer



Yazirian, Male

Hentz (Araks)


Crisbel  Background:  Crisbel, originally named Ba'lah Ori Arou, was orphaned at an early age.  His mother and father, both diplomats for the Hentz government, were killed in a tragic liner accident coming home from a trade conference on Clarion.  Being the only son, Ba'lah was turned over to his next of kin, a grandmother also on Hentz.  Not having the time or energy for the new cub, she was about to hand him over to local social services when an old friend of Ba'lah's father arrived and offered to take him.  His grandmother relented, mainly because the man was human, but figured the man could love the child better than a stranger and the adoption was arranged.  Jack Crisbel was a compassionate man and a wonderful role model. He did his best to raise his young Yazirian son by Yazirian customs but also taught him many of the traights a human would embrace.  Living in the arctic steppes of Panmin, a region of Hentz, was no easy matter either and over time the two became very close.  When Ori, as Jack called him, was of adult age, he was sent away for formal schooling. Immediately Ori created trouble and after just six months left the acadamy, it was not for him.  Instead the young Yazirian joined the fledgling Streel Corp as a security guard and worked in the city for some time.  He and his father still keep in touch and are quite close, but deep inside Ori has a lust for adventure.

  Appearance:  TBA

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