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Nathaniel Kane smallNathaniel  Kane

Security Officer



Human, Male

Gran Quivera (Prenglar)


Nathaniel Kane  Background:
 While his early years are obscured and likely to stay that way, it is known that Nathaniel Kane was born and raised as a spacer. At age 16, he signed on with the Merchant Space Marines, briefly serving with their Fleet's 14th Transport Squadron, until his ship was attacked by pirates during a supply run and he was subsequently captured by the notorious space pirate Blonde Barney.

Typically all pirate captives were organized into groups and given grueling menial tasks to perform. Kane was no exception, but due to his technical prowess, Kane was placed under the supervision of the brilliant Dr. Hammer, a captured federation scientist forced into servicing and maintaining the pirates' weaponry and equipment. Kane excelled in every task he was given, and was soon made a member of Barney's pirate gang in recognition of his deeds. However, Kane's euphoria over his newfound status within Barney's organization did not last long, and with every atrocity committed by the pirates on each new attack and every successful raid, Kane grew to detest the pirates even further. Kane constantly sought a means of escape, but never acted rashly. He carefully bided his time by studying all aspects of the pirate operation until such means were discovered.

Eventually Kane engineered a masterful plan of escape. With the assistance of Dr. Hammer and the remaining members of his old ship's flight crew, Kane was able to steal a pirate ship which he used to free the remaining prisoners, and then transport everyone safely back to the Frontier's core. But that was not the only surprise he had in store for Blonde Barney. Unbeknownst to Barney, Kane had dealt him and his organization a crippling blow by first sabotaging the FTL drives of their remaining pirate vessels, in addition to electronically stealing a considerable portion of their ill-gotten pirate loot. Once safely back near the Federation's center the group separated, each going to their respective homeworlds and with a share of the pirate loot to boot. Kane however, used his "share" of the loot—and possibly some other questionable means—to finagle an enrollment at the prestigious Zebulon University, where he studied Frontier Law and Business.

After graduating (with honors), he returned to the Penglar System. On Gran Quivera, Kane used his considerable "smarts" and remaining wealth to amass a small fortune on the Frontier's booming Tech Market. When that Market experienced an upheaval a few years later, Kane lost everything and subsequently faded into the frontier background. A few years later Kane resurfaced as a freelance soldier-for-hire. Since then Kane has wandered the Frontier in search of money, adventure, and more money and has been rumored to have met several legends on either side of the Law.

Kane gained his nickname, the "Gentleman" by going out of his way to avoid causing any more damage than he has to, and to avoid injuring or killing those he considers innocent. His definition of "innocent" doesn't seem to include members of the military or employees of whoever he's robbing at the moment, although he never goes out of his way to kill wantonly. Kane's definition of "innocent" seems mostly limited to include bystanders.

Appearance:  Kane is tall and athletic.  While not hugely muscular, he is powerfully built nonetheless, with handsome features, black hair, and piercing green eyes.  Kane has a few affectations:  A small waxed mustache adorns his sardonic lips, and a curl of hair with a streak of silver falls into his eyes.  When on a mission, prefers to wear black.  "Even the good guys need a villain on their side every now and then." as he might say.

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