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Yazirian, Male

Hentz (Araks)


Commander xZot  Background:  A brief history of xZot

  Born in the Araks system, on Hentz, in 79 pf, xZot was the only son of servant class parents.  This father was a handyman on an Estate and this mother a kitchen-hand.  He was born, and grew up, in the house of an influential family who's business interests were linked to the massive interplanetary agricultural import market.  xZot spent most of his youth in the kitchens with his mother but, as he became more inquisitive, he often helped his father service the many systems that control a large Estate.  Whilst a subservient lifestyle could seem dull, it did expose xZot to many opportunities that most his age would be denied.  Becoming good friends with the Masters' children meant he was often invited along, and included in things few others would experience.  The Masters' affluence and generosity, mixed with their association with senior Family members, set the scene for a very colourful childhood.  When xZot came of age he sought adventure outside what he had previously known.  Through contacts, and an amount of good fortune, xZot found himself at Truanes's Star where he answered the advertisement for personnel to explore a newly discovered planet, Volturnus.

  "Leader of the group?  Nah, just the first guy everyone wants to kill in a fight; the guy with the biggest target painted on him."  xZot.

  Appearance:  TBA

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