Chapter  28 Gozzorf  28.01  28.02 (55.041 fy 18:30 hours - )

Frontier Date 55.041
  "Shit looks like we are going to be looked at." Ally thinks to herself.
  "Yeah...thanks, mate. Appreciate it." Con replies grumpily after hearing Ral'Ik'Ka Zzik'Ti's apology. "Hold off on contacting Pan Gal Holo. I don't want too much intel out there just yet. Listen, I want to see her body and her personal effects. I will make sure she gets home to her family when my investigation is over. We walked into that ambush, and it wasn't by chance. I need to make sure she wasn't bugged or tracked."
  Ral'Ik'Ka Zzik'Ti fixes Con with an unblinking stare as he responds coldly.
  "The only investigation being conducted right now is mine." The vrusk security chief states. "So let me ask you again, who are you? And what are you doing on Kraatar?"
  "I was just hired to be a cameraman." Gleep responds. "I have been at enough new stories to know better than to be unarmed."
In a posture that shows he is not intimidated by the security chief with just a little hint of his own controlled nasty side, Con replies.
  "That woman on your morgue slab is our responsibility. You really think, PGH would let a big time reporter like Charlotta follow a big story like this all by her lonesome? Someone had a beef with that other Bugger you got in the morgue, when MY principal gets blown to smithereens it becomes MY problem. Con moves closer to the Security Chief. In almost a whisper,
  "If we work together on this, I can keep the media off world, all they need to hear on of theirs got creamed here, they will be calling for your termination. Space, if we could work together we can keep you looking good in all this. Let me tell you, those reporters will be vengeful buggers, it would make all of our lives so much easier. So what do ya say, Chief?
  Ally watches her boss talk to the vrusk Security Chief,hoping that Con can talk the vrusk into some sort of deal.
Doog also opts to stay silent while others handle the Security Chief, after all he's holding a secret and he doesn't want to draw attention to himself lest the video chip with the assassin get confiscated. It may be the only hole card the team has to play in all of this but then again the assassins all had their heads blown so it might be that the assassin angle will be a dead end. Still he knew that he had a responsibility to preserve the evidence that he had.

  At this point Sn'iktl makes his presence known as a friend and co-worker of Charletta's security team.
  "Perhaps we can assist each other?" Sn'iktl suggests, attempting to empathise with their vrusk host.
  "Yes" Ral'Ik'Ka Zzik'Ti clicks in reply. "We need to know who is responsible for Legrange's killing, and what their motives are?" The vrusk Security Chief turns back to Con. "You and your team are hereby deputised by the Administration of Kraatar to assist in this ongoing investigation. You will be retained at a nominal fee of 50 credits per day until such time as your services are no longer required. In the mean time we will begin preparations to return your principal and yourselves to your point of origin at the successful conclusion of this investigation."
  At the end of the security officer's little speech, Con and his friends are in no doubt that the team will not be able to leave the planet until this job is done.
  "We can tell you this so far." Ral'Ik'Ka Zzik'Ti continues. "The two assassin's were RIK personnel who had disappeared some months ago while on an undercover mission to seek and destroy a KLC cell. He turns back to Sn'iktl, clearly preferring to communicate with a member of his own species. "I assume your companions are familiar with the recent history of Kraatar. The problems we have had with the KLC? Some of the weaponry we have captured from the KLC have been identified as manufactured offworld, by the Stysor Arms Company of Madderly's Star." The Security Chief explains. "Also the vrusk executives were Clik' Aqat personnel, perhaps that is a good place to start your investigation?"
  Once the interviews are completed, the team's luggage, including weapons and papers, are returned. Before the team are escorted to the gates of the Starport the Security Chief takes Sn'iktl aside briefly for a final word. "If need any further assistance you are to contact me directly here at the Starport. I do not want Vist'Lat trade house to know about our arrangement. If they discover I am working with you I will have to cut you loose." He warns Sn'iktl.

Frontier Date 55.041 fy 12:40 hours
Fort Brucebane , VTC Corporate Headquarters
Planet Volturnus, Zebulon Star System

  "Watch that fist step Kane." Says Crisbel as the jetcopter lightly touches down on the landing pad.
Nodding his head in acknowledgement to the yazirian while he awaits the craft's copter blades to cease their rotation before opening the cabin door, Kane thanks the pair for the lift back to base as he grabs his gear and disembarks the craft.
  "All right you two, I'll be contacting you both once I get the approval for the first of our Bag-and-Tag missions. So don't go getting yourselves smashed and into trouble. I'll want you both with me on this one, so the last thing I need to hear is that either of you got yourselves crooked on your downtime."
  "Who us?" snickers the pair in unison.
  "We wouldn't dream of it." Says Gloo, just before the pair gives Kane their best imitation of the human "wounded pride" look.
  The image is so comical that Kane can't help but laugh, nearly falling out of the craft's open door as he does so.
"Get out of here you pirates. " Says Kane mirthfully as he exits the copter. Pausing just long enough to wave to his team-mates the departing craft off, Kane makes his way inside the Brucebane base.
  Entering the central building of the base complex, Kane takes a moment to view the organized chaos around him as the base's occupants move about, carrying out their assigned tasks. Noting the presence of the numerous labour and construction robots around, no doubt due to the extensive renovations currently underway now that their main base is getting more "official use" in the aftermath of the Mech Rebellion, Kane makes his way over to the lobby's wall-comms and the corporate service droid assigned to assist visitors.
  "Good Day Commander Kane. How may I be of service?" inquires the droid.
  "Current location of Dr. Treborux?"
  "Conference Room 1.Down the hall, on the right." Responds the robot. Turning, Kane proceeds to the location.
Acknowledging X'anthe with a head nod upon entering the room, Kane waits until she has concluded the interview and calls for a brief recess before approaching.
  "Kane." Says X'anthe warmly. "How did things go?"
"Good." he replies. "Crisbel and Gloo were able to make some of the design changes I suggested in my initial proposal. While there is still more that needs to be done before the zoological park is truly ready to open, the central hub is complete, and the cornerstones have been laid and the foundations set for the future additions."
  "Excellent." says X'anthe. "Now we just need to collect some specimens."
"Which, brings me to my current reason for visiting." Responds Kane as he presents her with a data padd (personal access display device) with a thumb scanner/identity reader.
  "I've compiled a list of personnel transfers and material requisition orders that I would need to begin the Animal Hunts. I just need your thumb scan for the approval to proceed."
  "Granted." Replies X'anthe, as she depresses the scanner stud after she firsts reviews the listings, and hands the padd back to Kane. "Have you decided which specimen you are going after first?"
  "Of course." Replies Kane as he accepts back the padd and then turns, making his way back through the room's door. "I'm going after a pair of Sand Sharks."
  "Have you approached Siu-Ling about joining your expedition? Perhaps even xZot might be interested in stretching his wings and enjoying the fresh Volturnus air?" X'anthe suggests. "Also I have this for you from Director Jameson. It looks like the Eorna want us to start running a passenger service from Zebulon to Prenglar ASAP . We need to start hiring some crew on a casual basis, per flight perhaps, for the first few trips. I recommend we hire a Pilot/Captain, Astrogator and Engineer for the VTC "Sierra Quemada" and the VTC "Man'Tiss Warrior" and get them into service now as passenger transports. We should also look at organising a crew and cargo for the VTC "Pandora" and get a cargo freight option up and running on the same route.

3 Experience Points

6 Experience Points

9 Experience Points

Bonus Points 3 each


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