Chapter 1: The Serena Dawn Introduction  1.1  1.2  1.3  1.4  1.5  (Mission Date: 63Pf, Mission Time: Day 1 - Day 6)  X Points awarded


Frontier Date 63.100Pf + 0
  The government of Truane's Star is hiring personnel to carry out a preliminary exploration of a newly discovered planet.  You are to travel by star liner to Volturnus and map as much of the planet as possible.  The government is especially interested in contacting and studying any intelligent races living on the planet.  If you meet an intelligent race, you are to make friendly contact and learn as much as possible.  The first expedition to Volturnus disappeared without trace as soon as it entered the Zebulon system.  If possible, you are to locate and rescue any survivors of this mission.
  As you boarded the star liner "Serena Dawn" that would take you to Volturnus, the steward gave you an interior plan of the star ship and urged you to study it carefully.  He also searched your luggage and placed any weapons and power packs in the weapons locker.  His assistant placed your other heavy gear, including the military skein suits and tool kits given to you by the government of Truane's Star, in the cargo hold (The purple rooms in the centre of the map).  The only items you were allowed to take to your tiny cabins were your non-weapon tool kits.  During your journey, you have toured the area of the ship not shown on the map.  It contains recreation areas, the observation dome, the galley, the first class living quarters and fuel storage.  There is nothing else of interest in that area.
  In the event you must evacuate ship, you have been instructed to proceed immediately to the escape bay (Grey room extreme right edge of map), where two of the "Serena Dawn's" lifeboats (The yellow squares) are stored.  Each lifeboat holds up to eight persons.  If it becomes necessary to use the lifeboats, you are instructed not to open the hatch until all persons using the lifeboat are assembled and ready to enter it.  This is because the lifeboats automatically launch one minute after the hatch is opened.  Then they seek the nearest inhabitable planet and land in the first safe spot.
  During the 5 day journey from Truane's Star to Zebulon both GleepGlooup and Sni'ktl introduce themselves to the other members of the group and outline their individual skills.  They also assure the other expedition members of their commitment to the success of the mission.  GleepGlooup offers to tutor any characters that may require his guidance to learn Technician or Gyrojet weapons skills as does Sni'ktl who offers his tutorial services with his own skills in Medicine and Psycho-social.
  As the expeditions Chief Medical Officer Sni'ktl requests that all expedition members make themselves available for a complete medical and psychological examination during the journey so that he may obtain relevant baseline Bruce for future reference and also study the effects of the Volturnus environment on the team members.  He invites Jaguar and OMAC to assist with these examinations, which will take several hours for each character.  During conversation with Sni'ktl you learn that he jumped at the opportunity to join this expedition in the hope to discover or study new life forms on an unexplored planet.  He is almost the cliché of a scientist on an exploration expedition.
  GleepGlooup on the other hand is the atypical mercenary, he's here for the bucks and looking for possible partners in future ventures.  He also speaks often of obtaining a freighter one day and engaging in interplanetary shipping, he plans on being very rich some day.  GleepGlooup also suggests that all team members swap chronocom frequencies so that they may remain in contact so long as they are in range.
Frontier Date 63.95Pf + 5
   During the five day journey from Truane's Star to the Zebulon system, you have exchanged chronocom frequencies, been through a complete physical and psychological evaluation and explored the "Serena Dawn".  The ship has a crew complement of 4, the Captain who is the Pilot, an Engineer, an Astrogator and a Co-pilot.  Whilst being friendly the crew are basically sub-contractors for the Truane's Star Government assigned to transport you to Volturnus and return again in 3 months time to pick you up.
  It is now the evening of the 5th day and you are now only hours away from your destination. After enjoying your last Frontier cooked food for the next 3 months, the Captain suggests you return to your quarters and savour a shower and warm bed and he will alert you when they have entered Volturnus orbit.
  Soon after returning to your quarters your chronocoms crackle to life.  You hear a thud and a grunt followed by the voice of GleepGlooup crying out
  "Help!  Help!  I'm being attacked!"  Then you hear another voice you don't recognise,
  "Shut up G-man!  You and your friends are dead already, you just don't know it yet!"
  The rooms you have been staying in contain only the most basic pre-fab furniture and no items that can be readily used as a weapon.  You do have your tool kits so medics will have medkits, technicians will have their techkits etc but all your other gear is stowed away in the cargo hold.
  GleepGlooup manages to avoid being struck by his vrusk assailant this turn and lands 2 blows himself (8 damage).  Sni'ktl exits his room via the west exit and races north along the western corridor to Gleep's room and opens the door.  OMAC exits his room via the west door and spots three figures in the corridor between his room and Gleep's room, in the intersection immediately south of his door is a dralasite wielding a club, a yazirian with a whip is at the north end of the corridor and a human is wearing what look like silver gloves at the south end of the corridor.  OMAC turns north and races toward the yazirian in an attempt to draw the dralasite away from Gleep's room.  As OMAC nears the north end of the corridor he takes a glancing blow from the dralasite behind him (5 damage). OMAC turns and punches the dralasite twice (4 damage). Con and Bruce exit their room via the east door and run north along the corridor, as they reach the T-intersection Con sees the yazirian with the whip and the yazirian sees him, snarls and attacks with his whip but misses.  Con closes with the yazirian, punching him in the stomach (4 damage) and allowing Bruce enough room to run east down the corridor toward the northern airlock.  xZot exits his room through the west door, heading north toward the western airlock.  The human with the silvery gloves at the south end of the corridor immediately gives chase catching xZot at the intersection recently vacated by the dralasite now attacking OMAC.  The human tries to grapple with xZot and fails, xZot swings and the human and misses twice.  Borovski and Sp'ock exit their room heading west towards OMAC's room and open his east door.  Jaguar leaves his room going east and travels north to the airlock door and begins the opening sequence, Gloo enters the same corridor from his room and moves up behind Jaguar, waiting for the airlock door to open.  Raid Array leaves his room with Gloo and heads south down the corridor to the T-intersection and runs east towards the southern airlock.
  GleepGlooup takes 3 swings at the vrusk and misses every time, the vrusk punches Gleep (3 damage) as Sni'ktl enters GleepGlooup's room from the east door and applies a nerve hold on the vrusk from behind, immediately rendering him unconscious.  xZot takes a couple of swings at the human, hits him once (2 damage) and manages to avoid being grappled again.  OMAC swings at the dralasite and misses also managing to avoid the dralasites club.  The yazirian has trouble using his whip on Con but dodges out of the way as Con closes in on him.  Sp'ock enters OMAC's room and crosses through the opposite door, now open, into the corridor behind xZot and through the east door into Gleep's room, just in time to see Sni'ktl drop the vrusk attacker with a nerve hold.  Borovski follows Sp'ock through OMAC's room into the corridor.  He sees the congestion and OMAC under attack to his north, and jumps OMAC's attacker from behind, punching him twice in the lower back section (8 damage).  Meanwhile Bruce reaches the northern airlock door and begins the opening sequence, Raid reaches the southern airlock and begins the opening sequence while Jaguar with Gloo are halfway through opening the west airlocks door.
GleepGlooup thanks Sni'ktl for his timely arrival and bends over his attackers body for a quick examination.
  "I'm OK thanks, go check on the others."  Sni'ktl nods in agreement and turns back the way he came, south along the corridor and stops at the east door to room 4 to open the door.  Sp'ock steps back into the corridor between the cabins to see who needs his help just as xZot cries out in pain, his human opponent has successfully grabbed hold of xZot with both hands and released a charge from his Shock-Gloves through xZot's body (8 damage).  xZot backs up toward the west airlock door to draw the human into the corridor intersection, swings and hits the human again (2 damage) and calls out for help now that he realises he is no match for an armed opponent in close combat.  The opening provided is enough for Sp'ock to attack the human striking him once (5 damage).  Before he can respond from Borovski's initial attack, the dralasite with the club takes another hit from behind (4 damage) he turns and swings at Borovski and misses then OMAC punches him from behind twice (4 damage).  The dralasite is still on his feet but definitely reeling.  Con takes a vicious wound from the whip in the yazirians hand (9 damage) and responds with an uppercut (5 damage).  Bruce and Raid are now halfway through the opening sequence for their respective airlock doors and Jaguar with Gloo complete the opening sequence at their door.
  Sp'ock chops xZot's human opponent (5 damage), he turns and attempts to grapple with Sp'ock then xZot lands a blow on the back of his neck and the human collapses to the floor just as Sni'ktl exits the west door of room 4 behind the now unconscious human.  Gleep's quick examination of the vrusks body reveals no weapons.  OMAC and Borovski close in on the dralasite from both sides swinging and he goes down under 3 more blows (10 damage) dropping his club to the floor.  Con's attacks this round are ineffective, as is the yazirian with the whip. Jaguar enters the western airlock and is immediately struck on the head by a human with a nightstick (9 damage) who was standing behind the door.  Jaguar swings back and misses, Gloo sees the attack through the airlock door and immediately uses his chronocom alerting the team members of opposition in the airlock.  Bruce and Raid receive the message as they complete the opening sequence for their respective doors. 
  Jaguar takes 2 swings at his opponent with no result, the human swings his nightstick at Jaguar and misses.  Raid enters the southern airlock and finds it empty, he crosses the airlock to the northeast door and begins the opening procedure.  Bruce enters the northern airlock, also empty and heads for the east door to the computer room.  Con punches the yazirian with the whip and follows it with a knee to the groin (10 points) before being whacked on the head with the whip handle (4 points).  Sp'ock retraces his steps back through OMAC's room(9) and races north slipping past Con and the yazirian and on towards the airlock Bruce has just entered.  All Sp'ock's attempts to contact the bridge are unsuccessful, either the comm link is down or there is no-one there to answer.  Borovski orders OMAC north to help Con and turns south along the corridor, scooping up the club dropped by the dralasite.  As Borovski steps past xZot, who is relieving his opponent of the Shock Gloves and Power Belt pack, he suggests they keep an eye on the unconscious attackers.  GleepGlooup begins tying up the vrusk with his bed sheets and calls out into the corridor

Inventory - East Cargo Bay

West Cargo Bay

chronocom x2 (Borovski x 1, )
yazirian punching bags
Bulk Ration Pack x 3 (GleepGlooup x 1, xZot x 1, Gloo x 1)
Ship doctor's spare medkit (GleepGlooup)
cheap costume jewellery, steam bath perfumes, chocolate anchovies in aspic, several bins of vrusk body wax,
Ball bearings, (Borovski x 1, Gloo x1)
Hand Axe x 2 (Borovski x 1, Gloo x 1)
Holographic fireworks display
machine gears

  • encyclopaedia galactica
  • 10 SEU clips (Sn'iktl x6, Borovski x 4)
  • 2 Hand Axes (OMAC x 2)
  • a trunk of ladies evening gowns
  • Gyrojet Pistol (GleepGlooup)


  "Hey are you guys OK?"  Sni'ktl steps around xZot to get to the airlock door and begins the opening procedure.
  "Your wound does not appear life threatening" he says with is insectiod rattle "I shall examine you in detail when we have secured the rest of our equipment".  Realising he can't get past Jaguar into the airlock, Gloo turns around and runs south to back up Raid.
  Jaguar punches and misses and cops another bump on the head for his trouble (5 points).  Raid, Bruce and Sni'ktl are all opening airlock doors.  Sp'ock crosses to the southeast airlock door and begins the opening sequence, still getting no response from the bridge on the chronocom.  Gloo reaches the airlock with Raid as Borovski reaches the southern intersection and waddles east towards the southern airlock.  xZot has now donned the Shock Gloves and Power Belt pack and suggests that GleepGlooup ties up the two pirates in the corridor which he proceeds to do.  Con lands two more punches but not before the yazirian flails wildly with his whip managing to catch Con around the throat (13 points, ouch!)  OMAC lands two punches (4 points) and manages to divert the yazirian away from Con.
   The yazirian turns and lashes at OMAC (10 points) as OMAC punches him again (2 points), Con wades in punching the yazirian in both kidneys (10 points) and he slumps to the floor, out for the count.  Jaguar and the last pirate trade blows and block each other.  Raid, Bruce and Sni'ktl complete the opening sequences on their doors, Sp'ock is halfway through his cycle.  Borovski reaches the airlock with Gloo and Raid.  xZot and GleepGlooup finish tying up the pirates in the corridor.
  Con shakes his head clear and picks up the whip then turns east down the corridor towards Bruce while OMAC drags the yazirian into the corridor to tie up with the others.  Whilst tying up the pirates and checking them for valuables, GleepGlooup notices that all the pirates  have the same tattoo of a red devil surrounded by a ring of stars.  Jaguar and the last pirate trade air swings again as Sni'ktl opens the airlock door and allows xZot through the door behind him.  Sni'ktl and xZot both lunge at the pirate and miss.  Raid heads through the airlock door and east down the corridor towards the eastern cargo bay, he opens the cargo bay door and steps in when he spots a yazirian brandishing a hand axe, the yazirian has also spotted Raid.  Gloo enters the cargo bay behind Raid and begins circling around the cargo bay shelves to get behind the yazirian.  Borovski is last through the cargo bay doors neither he nor Gloo actually have line-of-sight on the yazirian yet.  Bruce opens the airlock door to the computer room and is immediately confronted by a Vrusk swinging a nigh stick through the air where his head was. Sp'ock continues the opening cycle on his airlock door. 
  Raid closes with the yazirian, punching him (2 points), the yazirian scratches Raid with the Axe blade (5 points).  Gloo then jumps the yazirian from behind, punching him twice (8 points) as Borovski acknowledges Con's message about the vrusk in the computer room and advises of the contact in the cargo bay.  Sp'ock opens his airlock door, runs down the corridor and begins opening the western airlock door.  The human in the east airlock swings at Jaguar with his nightstick and misses, Sni'ktl jabs the human (2 points), Jaguar punches him once (3 points) and xZot fails to grab hold of him for a shock attack.  OMAC and GleepGlooup join the others in then east airlock.  Bruce swings a punch with his right fist at the Vrusk who tries to duck out of the way and gets collected by Bruce's left and sprawls unconscious to the floor (very lucky punch dude!)
  xZot grabs hold of the human by the shoulder and closes the circuit on his shock gloves, the airlock is filled with the stench of burnt flesh as the pirate howls in pain (15 points) then  swings his night-stick at xZot clubbing him in the face (14 points).  Sni'ktl punches the human (2 points) and Jaguar lays him out cold with a blow to the point of the chin.  GleepGlooup moves to start opening the northeast airlock door and OMAC moves to support him, not being able to get involved in the fight with the pirate. The yazirian in the cargo hold swings at Raid with his axe, slicing him across the ribs (18 points).  Raid screams in pain and launches himself forward, punching the yazirian twice in the face (8 points plus the 2 points I missed last turn, ooops.)  Unable to avoid the combat and find his equipment Raid can't help but think to himself
  "Can anyone fly this bird!" Gloo swings and misses with his first punch but connects with the next two (8 points) and the yazirian starts the stagger under the pounding.  Unable to get into the melee, Borovski begins to search the cargo hold.  His first round of searching turns up a working chronocom.  Bruce moves to the nearest computer terminal and immediately determines that the ships systems are in emergency over-ride.  A quick check of system status reveals the following...


  Con, seeing Bruce move to the computer terminal, steps over to the vrusk body and picks up the night-stick then quickly searches the body for anything remotely useful.  Sp'ock completes the opening cycle for the airlock door
  Sp'ock steps through the airlock door and immediately begins the pheromone excretions that are the equivalent of a vrusk shitting itself when he sees four beings all wearing the now familiar red devil in a ring of stars, tattoo.  The yazirian squeezes off a shot from his automatic pistol putting a round down the corridor past Sp'ock's head.  The human fires a pulse from his sonic stunner but Sp'ock is shielded by the airlock door as he ducks back into the corridor, pulling the door shut behind him.  GleepGlooup continues opening the airlock door with OMAC standing guard.  Jaguar takes up the nightstick from the now unconscious pirate and moves to support GleepGlooup and OMAC.  Sni'ktl removes his medkit from his pack and goes to work on xZot's wounds.
  "I'm just going to administer first aid for now Mr xZot, the results are not spectacular but provided you avoid further injuries this will keep you alive until I can perform surgery.  (First Aid: 10 points back)  Then the chronocoms crackle to life as Bruce reports in
 "We have an intruder alert on the bridge and a report of the weapons locker destroyed people, looks like a change of plan."  Then Sp'ock's insectoid rattle cuts in, and was that the sound of a gunshot?  On a spaceship?
  "Pirates in the airlock!  I repeat, there are four pirates in the eastern airlock with guns!"  Con is already on his way back out of the computer room, heading towards the cargo bay and longing for the snug fit of his ballistic repellent skiensuit.  Still reeling from the previous blows the yazirian swings his axe at Raid again and splits open a box on the shelf by his head, spilling out packets of emergency rations.  Ducking under the axe Raid punches at the yazirians stomach and misses but as he stands up the yazirian overbalances, leading with his chin as Raids forehead catches him square on the point and as Raid stands the yazirians head snaps back violently and he sprawls on the ground at Gloo's feet, out cold.  Gloo quickly joins Borovski, searching the cargo hold, this round they manage to come up with a set of yazirian punching bags and several bulk packs of survival rations (total of 120 days rations)
  GleepGlooup opens the western airlock door and allows OMAC to take the lead down the corridor and through the door to the airlock, with Jaguar close behind.  xZot remains in the airlock having his wounds ministered by Sni'ktl.  As OMAC enters the western airlock door, the room erupts in flashes of light, gunshots and ricochets.  In the centre of the cargo hold is a vrusk pirate blazing away with a gyrojet pistol, at a range that is just plain ineffective for the rocket propelled ammunition of gyrojet weapons.  All three shots slam into the cargo bay door and wall to OMAC's right as he charges at the vrusk, Jaguar and GleepGlooup hot on his heels.  Con, seeing Sp'ock pulling closed the airlock door, moves to help him keep the door closed while the rest of the team search the cargo bays.  Having retrieved all the useful information from the ships computer Bruce exits the computer room and heads for the cargo bay.  Borovski, Raid and Gloo continue the search through cargo bins holding cheap costume jewellery, steam bath perfumes (Dralasites love this stuff) and chocolate anchovies in aspic (what can I say, some of the races in the Frontier have very strange diets :)
  With Sp'ock's airlock door closed again, Con and Bruce join Borovski, Raid and Gloo searching the cargo bay.  Sp'ock is at the airlock door on guard.  The Ship doctor's spare medkit is discovered in the eastern cargo bay along with several bins of vrusk body wax, more chocolate anchovies in aspic and several more bulk ration packs (another 120 days rations).  xZot and Sni'ktl move up the corridor to the door of the west cargo bay but wait outside until OMAC, Jaguar and GleepGlooup take out the pirate.  OMAC goes in hard and  fast, using the advantage of surprise he manages to get close enough to land a punch (2 points).  This gives Jaguar enough time to move around behind the vrusk but his first swing with the night-stick misses.  GleepGlooup steps up beside OMAC and as the vrusk turns to face the new threat from behind, Gleep grabs him in a uniquely Dralasite wrestling hold using all three arms and two of his legs to pin the vrusk who is unable to break the hold.
  GleepGlooup maintains his hold and begins to apply pressure (4 points) as both OMAC and Jaguar pound the held vrusk (OMAC 2 punches for 4 points and Jaguar a solid blow with the night-stick for 17 points) but the vrusk struggles on trying to break the hold and get a decent aim with his pistol.  xZot and Sni'ktl enter the airlock and their search turns up a complete hard copy set of the encyclopaedia galactica and 10 SEU clips.  In the east cargo bay the other team members find your military skiensuits, another bulk ration pack (120 days rations), several boxes of ball bearings, one Hand Axe and more steam bath perfume.  Sp'ock finishes off the closing sequence for the airlock door.
  GleepGlooup continues forcing the vrusk to the ground as OMAC punches him twice more and he collapses to the ground.  Jaguar, xZot and Sni'ktl keep searching, until they find two Hand Axes and a trunk of ladies evening gowns.  The other team members in the east cargo hold find a Computoy, a Holographic fireworks display, machine gears, another chronocom and the remainder of your non-weapon equipment.  Sp'ock pokes his head back through the door of the east airlock,
  "Whatever we are going to do, we better do it now people, they can come through that door any moment."  Then suddenly the ship begins to vibrate badly. You all hear three loud explosions, and the whole ship lurches and sound of stressed, straining metal fills the air...
   "I'll take that thank you!"  GleepGlooup says, as he sweeps up the gyrojet pistol from the claw of the now unconscious vrusk.  "He couldn't shoot worth a damn anyway."  Sni'ktl shoves SEU clips into the pockets of his coveralls.
  "I don't know who belongs to these but I'm sure they will come in handy."  OMAC takes up both of the Hand Axes and a glazed look comes over his eyes and he smiles as he checks the blades for an edge.  Gleep pops the clip out of the pistol, checks how many rounds left and slams it back home again.
  "OK, now I'm gonna teach these guys what happens when ya wake up this Dralasite with a pissant slap to the face.  Come on, let's get some!" Gleep heads off toward the eastern cargo bay with Sni'ktl and OMAC close behind.  Raid follows Gleep, OMAC and Sni'ktl to the other airlock.
  "The power of the mind is all things to no men when locked in a jar full of golf balls surrounded by the universe.  So my old man use to say... I wonder if they'll ever let him out..." He muses.  First thangs first after Sp'ock notifies the sports fans about the opposition team and says a few mantras, or is it mantises to settle my disturbed sensibilities. Us bugs are easily upset by being badly out gunned.  I will also request one of the team, a non-combatant preferred to grab my kit. Nothing left to do after that but wait for the signal to go in and wup some alien ass.  Jaguar will move from present location with all possible speed to where others are located.  He will see if Raid needs any first aid, if he does I will render assistance, and then will look for my gear.  Borovski quickly inspects and applies his equipment and skein suit ensuring all is in military order. He gathers up the additional bulk packs of rations, a supply of ball bearings which inspires him to consider
  "If necessary we can make slingshots, its either that or a re-enactment of a scene from his fave movie"  "Cave Alone"" or was that ""Cave Alone II"?"  Some token supplies of body wax, perfume and jewellery for trade purposes only, the last hand axe and the chronocom he found earlier, fills his pack before putting it and the rations onto his hulking frame. Only a Military figure can fully appreciate the feeling of being whole that Borovski enjoys now he's reunited with his trusty tools of survival.   Con says
  "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh finally someone has taken charge.  Now there is a leader if ever I saw one OK guys let's rally.  It is about time we took charge of this situation."  Con and Bruce grab their gear.  "Now that the hull is making noises means we need to start making moves to get off this tub, collecting as much as we can carry, including water.  We will need it when we get to the surface if we can't take control of this vessel.  Oh!  By the way, does anyone here have any skills to fly this ship?"  Gloo grabs his pack and stuffs in a box of ball bearings and a Bulk Ration Pack  (that is for future munching).  Pulling on his skein suit and putting three pseudopods through the sleeves of his designer skein suit while watching everyone around him prepare for battle and thinking
  "I was going to battle.  My Senior Sergeant of the Dralasite Marine Corps always said  "Do you want to live forever?"  I have luck on my side.  Some people think us grunts are low on the scale and then deserve bugger all pay, but if it wasn't for us, they would've been giant alien cockroach food a long time ago.'
  When GleepGlooup, Sni'ktl and OMAC arrive at the opposite cargo bay, they all quickly climb into their respective Skiensuits.  Sni'ktl turns to the other team members and asks.
  "Does anyone else want to carry these SEU clips?  I think I'm going to be weighed down somewhat with my other equipment, especially if we are in a hurry"
  "Hey Sni'ktl," answers Borovski "Hows about stocking me up with some them SEU clips?  It's time for my fingers to do some walking, yeah I'm talking walk right up and shock their ass" Sni'ktl hands Borovski 4 SEU clips.  After having his wounds tended as best possible, xZot considers the sense of using these Shock Gloves.
  "Ya got to get right in there and grab the bastards!   I think I need something that gives me a bit of distance!  I mean, hey, these things are great, just grab someone, flick the switch and Zzzzzzz and they're toasted!  Cracks me up!  But after being bashed on the snout with a night-stick, I'm a little less enthusiastic.  Shit, the whole set up is pretty heavy."  So after considering who is most skilled to use this weapon, I'll swap the gloves with Borovski (a melee man from way back) for something a bit lighter and longer.  Maybe OMAC will part with his spare axe?  Maybe Con will part with his spare weapon?  Who knows?  I can only ask.  GleepGlooup now removes several clips of ammunition he had secreted in his backpack and puts them into several of his coverall pockets.
  "I have an extra Axe if anyone else needs a weapon otherwise I will keep both" says OMAC.  The look on his face however is challenging and Sni'ktl decides not to bother asking for a weapon at this point.  After confirming from Sp'ock that there were 4 pirates in the eastern airlock Sni'ktl says
  "Well that is the only way off this bucket of bolts I know of and now they know we are coming and from the ugly sounds coming from the hull, we don't have real long to get out of here."
  "He's right" agrees OMAC hefting his axe "Let's take the fight to them, I will take the door Sp'ock was at, Gleep you take the southern corridor with Sni'ktl and maybe one of you others as back up, the rest of you follow me or go through the computer room door.  Call in on your chronos when you are in position and we will hit them from three sides at once."
  "If we can get in close" adds Gleep "And they shoot like that looser in the cargo bay, then we might be able to take 'em down before any one gets seriously hurt.  Keep your first aid packs handy just in case though."  He says with the Dralasite equivalent of a smirk on his epidermis.  Spying the Ship Doctors spare medkit he turns to Sni'ktl and asks him to strap it to the back of his pack, then hoists one of the Bulk Ration Packs,
  "I imagine these will come in handy too huh?  How long we here for?  Three months?"  Jaguar says to Raid "We don't have time for surgery but you're a big boy, look after yourself."  He gives Raid a shot of biocort and sprays a couple of the nastier wounds with some plasti-flesh.  "I'll have another look at that planet side."  After gratefully accepting the help of my fellow men in staunching the flow of crimson seeping through my shirt, Raid lovingly re-equips himself and commences to take stock of the situation.
  "I can't help thinking how nice this suit feels on my ass… I think I've lost Nancy's number?"
  Jaguar grabs all his equipment and puts on a skein suit saying
  "Thank you almighty one."  GleepGlooup, Sni'ktl and OMAC strap on their packs and other equipment.  Borovski proceeds to carry out the trade transaction arranged with xZot in order to become the proud owner of the Shock Gloves and hands over his club.  Realising he is overloaded he dumps a Bulk Ration Pack.
  Boro who just happens to be inter-galactic champion at the Dralasite 20m sprint event (rumours are that he was drug assisted) becomes charged up as if the Shock Gloves are on him.  Just like a kid with a new toy, he summons his fighting spirit and barrels towards the door joining the north corridor to the airlock.  Conversations heard over the chronocom alert Boro of the need to contact Sp'ock and make sure that he doesn't get his head blasted off
  "Stay frosty, stay low and look out because I'm heading your way"  Boro's full intention is to get to the above described position and preparing by rallying any nearby troops and charging up his Shock Gloves in order to attack the enemy simultaneously with the others, "Like they say, let's get some!  We need this position, we need their weapons, we need it now !"  Sp'ock heads towards the east cargo bay and his equipment, realising that the rest of the team had already assembled.
  "We have to get off this tin can now" Raid calls to no one in particular, as he races off to follow the rest of the party, hoping this is the way to the lifeboats!  Coming out of his reverie and wiping the drool from his chin, Gloo heads out the south door and turn left to the airlock door.
   Spotting the computoy among goods, Jaguar throws it to Bruce saying
  "You can use this."
  "Yes but it's just a toy and probably a useless distraction."  Bruce replies, throwing the toy back into a storage bay.  Jaguar calls to Raid and Bruce
  "Follow me through the computer room.  We will call other groups as soon as we are there."   Sni'ktl, Con and Bruce rally behind GleepGlooup and with OMAC, head out of the cargo bay.  Sp'ock arrives at the cargo bay and begins climbing into his skiensuit and kitting up.  Noticing a 120 day ration pack also left behind.  xZot thinks it better not leaving this here, we're gonna need this if we ever get off this freight train to hell, xZot think to himself.  Its pretty heavy and it gonna slow me down but I will fit it in somewhere.  Hopefully there will be another member of our group that will take this from me when we get a chance.  So, duly encumbered and toting an axe, xZot gets into position at the airlock, just waiting for the call.  Shit! xZot thinks,  I hope Borovski knows to turn the glove off before he scratches himself or he's gonna get a nasty shock.  With a chuckle under his breath, xZot wonders if Borovski would glow in the dark!  xZot will follow with Gleep and Sni'ktl through the southern corridor preparing himself to fly into a battle rage at the right time by singing one of his clans bawdy, drinkin' an' fightin' songs to himself, under his breath.  Hey, doesn't always work but it does take your mind of the fact that you might get shot to pieces in the next few minutes!
  OMAC arrives at the eastern airlock door with Con right behind him, GleepGlooup, xZot and Sni'ktl, arrive at the southern airlock door and Bruce heads back to the computer room.  Gloo puts Gleep and Sni'ktl behind me and prepares to charge in when the door is open.
  "No point in a medic getting shot, or a techno for that matter.  OK OMAC, we are in position!"
  Jaguar arrives at Computer Room and attempts go into battle rage and lead the charge into the airlock from our side, killing all the enemy I encounter.
  "How much am I getting paid per day, not doing this shit for free?"  Raid and Bruce ready themselves behind Jaguar as they report in to OMAC.  OMAC's voice leaps out of your chronocoms
  "OK, Go, Go, Go" and the three manned airlock doors begin their opening sequence
  Sp'ock leaves the cargo and joins the back of OMAC's team as the doors cycle open simultaneously, then all hell breaks loose.  As the doors open you can see that one of the Dralasites has also opened the opposite eastern airlock door.  As soon as the entry hatch opens, a computerised voice announces over the speaker system,
  "One minute to launch.  Please fasten your seat belts.''
  The other Dralasite lobs a grenade past Jaguar and through the computer room door, Bruce and Raid dive for cover behind panels and furniture, partially shielding themselves from the explosion and although the skein suits absorb some of the damage they both grunt in pain from shrapnel wounds (Raid 20 points and Bruce 16 points, less half for your suits).  The human with the Sonic Stunner squeezes off a shot at Gloo as he comes through the door but shoots high.  Then OMAC surges into the room and across the airlock as a previously unseen human steps out from behind his door shooting him in the back with a laser pistol (13 points) and the yazirian near the computer room door fires a blast from his auto pistol directly at Jaguar (25 points, suit absorbs 13) Gloo closes with the human holding the sonic stunner but his first swing is an air shot.  Con takes a swing at the guy with the laser pistol and misses as well.  Jaguar charges at the yazirian shaking his nightstick but the yazirian jumps aside.  GleepGlooup dives through the door behind Gloo firing his Gyrojet pistol but all three shots go wide causing the dralasites to duck but causing no harm.  Bruce and Raid crawl toward the doorway, staying low.  Con roars at the top of his voice and charges across the airlock at the dralasite that threw the frag grenade, he brings his nightstick crashing down on the dralasites head and sending him sprawling unconscious to the floor.  Borovski enters the airlock behind Con but is unable to get past team members to attack  any of the pirates.  Sni'ktl and xZot are likewise held up outside the airlock door unable to get past GleepGlooup and Gloo.
  The pirate with the laser pistol forgets to adjust his power setting, instead firing two shots at OMAC at close range, the first shot wings OMAC's leg (8  points) but the second shot goes wide.  In his weakened condition OMAC takes another swing at his opponent but his eyes are clouded and the human ducks under OMAC's axe.  Seeing OMAC's dilemma, GleepGlooup swings his pistol around to the pirate and fires three shots into his back at point blank range.  Both Gleep and OMAC are sprayed with blood as the human's mutilated body slumps to the floor, his laser pistol clattering at OMAC's feet.  Jaguar takes a swing at his opponent but misses again; he too is beginning to feel the effects of his wounds as Bruce and Raid enter the airlock behind him.  Con turns and clubs the yazirian across the shoulder (10 points).  The yazirian fires off three shots at Jaguar hoping to drop him but only one bullet finds its mark (7 points, half to suit).  Gloo takes another swing at his antagonist trying to keep him off balance, the pirate fires wildly and again misses Gloo.  Borovski pushes his way past Con and grabs the surviving human pirate with both gloves and releases a charge (12 points).  Then just as the remaining team members enter the airlock, the last dralasite lobs a grenade through the eastern airlock door into the centre of the airlock.  Time almost seems to stand still as you watch the grenade float through the air and explode almost directly over Jaguars head, spewing tendrils of sticky fibre across the party.  You breathe a collective sigh of relief as you realise that it was a tangler grenade instead of a frag grenade.  Team members dive in all directions trying to avoid becoming entangled in the threads, unfortunately Con, Jaguar, Bruce and Sp'ock are unable to move in time and become quickly trapped while the other characters hear the Life boat alert system continue it's count down.
  Borovski unleashes another charge from his gloves through the remaining human (11 points) and he screams in pain and fires off another wild shot at Gloo.  Gloo moves in and drives his axe into the human's temple, taking a slice of flesh off the side of his head as he sprawls across the airlock floor.  The pirate with the auto pistol jumps toward the east airlock door firing and missing at Borovski, trying to cover the other dralasite who is attempting to recover the sonic stunner dropped by the human.  The rest of the team are caught in the confusion on the other side of the airlock unable to attack or get past the entangled team members.
  "Who has the solvaway?"  Someone asks?  There are muffled cries from both Con and Jaguar, stuck within the thread.  Then Borovski realises he is the only one not trapped with any solvaway capsules.
  Caught off guard by the last dralasite, Borovski is too slow to react as the dralasite picks up the sonic stunner and fires into Borovski's belly.  A look of horror crosses his features as Borovski shakes off the effects of the stunner.  Gloo steps up and strikes the dralasite with his axe (12 points) as GleepGlooup squeezes off the last round from his pistol.  The yazirian, retreats through the airlock door into the Life boat bay.  Borovski steps back, clear of the dralasite and pulls his solvaway capsules from his belt pouch.  OMAC takes up the laser pistol, cranks the discharge rate up to five and fires 2 beams through the haze, at the dralasite, burning a hole through upper pseudopod (36 points).  The dralasite howls in pain but stands his ground. 
  Gloo swings again with his axe but misses, OMAC empties the last 4 charges from his pistol and misses as well.  Gleep ejects the empty clip from his pistol and slams in another as Borovski hands his solvaway to Sni'ktl and turns back toward the dralasite, grabs him and discharges another bolt screaming outRaidsLanding
  "Die you bastard, just die!"  The dralasite staggers back and fires another blast at Borovski, missing again.  The yazirian in the life boat bay swings around in the doorway emptying his clip at OMAC hitting him once (8 points half to suit).  The rest of the team begin using the solvaway to free the trapped members from the tangler threads.
  The life boat emergency program continues its count down through the PA system
  "Thirty seconds to launch.  Please fasten your seat belts.''
  Gloo swings at the dralasite again and misses, Borovski tries to grab the dralasite again but this time he jumps backwards avoiding the gloves.  GleepGlooup fires off three more rounds and you notice he has changed ammunition as he hits both remaining pirates with gyrojet shells, the shells fragment and release a cloud of almost colourless vapour as both pirates drop to the floor.  The entangled team members struggle free from their temporary prison with the help of the other characters. "OK people lets hustle" says Gleep  "the clock is ticking and we are almost out of time.  Grab those weapons and saddle up."
  You grab the sonic pistol and auto pistol, OMAC already has the laser pistol and you also find another nightstick on the first dralasite and head into the Life boat Bay.  The escape bay is empty except for one lifeboat. Looking into it, you notice an item inside labelled "Survival Pack."  This seems to be locked in some sort of cabinet.  Suddenly, the "Serena Dawn" lurches, and you hear three loud explosions coming from the bridge. The ship trembles for several seconds then lurches again and you hear another explosion. You hear various squeaks and groans as the ship twists and buckles beneath your feet.  As you clamber aboard the lifeboat you realise it is only designed to carry 8 passengers but with only one life boat left you have no choice but to cram the whole team aboard, running the risk of overloading the on board systems.
  As the lifeboat starts to move, four space pirates armed with automatic rifles enter the escape bay and shoot at the lifeboat.  You feel the lifeboat shudder and lurch as the bullets strike it.  Then the lifeboats engines roar into life and you are rocketed out the escape bay doors.  The lifeboat then seeks the nearest inhabitable planet to find a safe place to land.
  As the lifeboat leaves the "Serena Dawn", you see the star ship tremble again.  A few metal chunks float out of the escape bay, and then all is quiet.  Your lifeboat quickly accelerates toward the forbidding planet of Volturnus. As you approach the daylight side of the planet, you see nothing.  A great portion of the planet is shrouded in clouds. Your lifeboat enters a shallow orbit and travels to the other side of Volturnus, where it begins its descent into the dark, clear night.  Sparks begin to fly from the on board computer. Then, after several seconds of jolting, a rear engine explodes and a fire erupts on the exterior of the lifeboat.  The fire grows larger and hotter as you descend, even entering the passenger compartment. After two minutes of intense heat, the lifeboat crashes into a high outcropping of rocks. The fire seems to die down, but flames still flash from the rear engine and the on board computer.  After you recover from the shock of crash-landing, you notice the survival kits have popped out of the lockers and are ready to be removed from the lifeboat. Then you also notice a foul- smelling liquid seeping from the engine compartment. Some of this liquid is starting to burn.  The lifeboat bursts into flames as soon as you begin bailing out and removing the survival packs.  GleepGlooup yells out
  "Everyone out quick, I think she's gonna blow"  You grab what you can from the lifeboat and run across the sandy surface of Volturnus as the lifeboat explodes in a concoction of it's own fuel and lubricants.  The lifeboat has eight survival kits, each containing 1 machete, 1 box of matches, 1 allweather blanket, 1 first aid pack, 1 chronocom, 2 packages of survival rations (enough food for 1 person for four days). 1 tangler grenade, 1 compass, 1 life jacket, 10 salt pills, 1 pocket tool, 1 flashlight, 1 doze grenade, 10m of rope, 1 toxyrad gauge, 8 liters of water, 1 pair of sungoggles, 1 pair of stretch coveralls, 1 poly-vox, and 1 laser pistol with a 20 SEU clip.  Exhausted by the short but violent action aboard the "Serena Dawn" and the after effects of the adrenaline rush that followed you collapse several hundred yards away from the crash site.
Frontier Date 63.094Pf + 6
  The rest of the night passes quickly and uneventfully, and it is now dawn. A desolate wilderness of sand and rock stretches as far as you can see in every direction. The desert is occasionally broken by green flat plants similar in appearance to filly pads.  Though it is only a few minutes past sunrise, the heat is already overbearing.  Raid scrambles to the top of the rocky outcropping you sheltered under during the night and scans the horizon.  From your vantage point high in the rocks, you see what appears to be a covered well 8 kilometres east of you.

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Sp'ock, GleepGlooup, Data, OMAC, Sn'iktl, Con

Gloo, Borovski, xZot, Jaguar, Raid



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