SwordtoSwordRecovering From Wounds

Wounds heal naturally at a rate of 1 point for every 20 hours the wounded character spends resting. Resting means doing nothing more strenuous than taking short walks. A hospital can heal up to 20 Stamina points per day, at a cost of 1 Credit per Stamina point healed, plus 50 Cr per day.

Biocort. Biocortizone is a healing drug. An injection of biocort heals 10 points of damage immediately, when it is given by a medic. (Biocort has no effect if given by a non-medic.) Only one dose of biocort can be given in a 20-hour period; additonal doses have no effect unless given during surgery.

Field Surgery. A medic can perform minor or major surgery on a wounded character to heal more than 10 points of damage. Surgery is described in detail under SKILLS: Medical.

Stimdose. Stimdose is a stimulant. If given by a medic to an unconscious character, the character will wake up immediately.

In the Expanded Game, a stimdose will restore 10 Stamina points if the points were lost to poison, disease or infection. These 10 points are restored even if the character is unconscious. If the character's Stamina has been reduced to -10 or less, however, the stimdose will not save him, because only one dose can be given effectively in a, 20-hour period. The stimdose will not restore Stamina points unless the poison, disease or infection has been neutralized or cured with the proper drug, or has worn off.

Life-Saving Drugs and Equipment

A character whose Stamina has been reduced to O or less is dead, but he can be revived if his Stamina has nol gane below -30. The body can be preserved with drugs or a freeze field, and revived at a hospital.

Staydose. An injection of staydose will bring a dead character backto life, but will slow down the body's functions so it can survive with O or fewer Stamina points. Staydose must be given within one minute ( 10 turns) of death or it will not work. A staydose injection will keep a character alive for 20 hours. After 20 hours, the body can not be revived and further injections will have no effect. Only a medic can administer staydose effectively.

Freeze Field. A freeze field is a device that places a body in stasis, a sort of suspended animation. The device is fastened directly to the body. Only medics are trained to activate freeze fields correctly. A freeze field must be activated within two minutes of death, or the body can not be revived. Activiating the field takes five turns. Each freeze field device contains enough power to operate for 200 hours. If the power runs out, the body can not be revivied.  Freeze fields can be removed safely only at hospitals. A hospital charges 200 Credits to remove the field. The character then must pay normal costs to be healed.

Biocort. Biocort can be used to bring a character's Stamina score back above O if his score was not reduced below -9.

Field Surgery. Field surgery can save a character whose Stamina was not reduced below -30 if a staydose was used to preserve the character; surgery will not help a dead character.Intensive Healing

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