Business Name:  Stellar Tower Hotel













Special Abilities














Ambidexterity, Comprehension 37%

Projectile 4, Gyrojet 4, Rocket Weapons 1


StellarTowerHotel  Ready to spend some time back in civilization, Con Anderson makes his way to the Stellar Tower Hotel.  The enforcer makes his way up to the counter getting the odd look or having patrons turn away from his gaze as he conducts his buisness.  The Vrusk at the counter asks if he can help Anderson.
  "Yes, I would like accomodation for 1 week."  Making small talk, the Vrusk asks
  "Is your stay buisness or pleasure, sir?"
  "Both" the weary enforcer answers.  Swiping Con's credit card through the reader the Vrusk continues
  "Your room number is 1050, I'll summon a bellhop."  With that the Vrusk taps bell and an eager Human bellhop jumps to attention.
  "I'll take your bag sir!"  Con nearly knocks over the young bellman with the wait of his bag as he walks off to the turbolift.  The bellman inserts the key in the lock and the door swishes open.  The young man points out the standard things as he places Con's bag down.  The strange clanking of the bag draws a strange look from the bellman.  Con takes off his gunbelt and tosses it down on the bed.  Seeing the gunbelt hit the bed, the bellman asks nervously
  "Did you ever kill anybody with that?"
  "Yeah, too many" responds Con as he hands the young man his tip before ushering him out of the room.  Now able to enjoy the conviences of the modern world, Con helps his self to a shave and a sonic shower.  Once cleaned up and in more civilian attire Con conceals a knife in his boot and his laser pistol in a less conspicuous place then his hip.  Con is now ready to roam the city!





Lower Upper Class Accom - Daily


150 per day


Lower Upper Class Accom - Weekly


370 per week


Projectile weapons skills training and accreditation


100 per 5 days


Gyrojet weapons skills training and accreditation


100 per 5 days


Questions about "The Clear Thinkers"








Frontier Date 14.112
  "Are you all right?"  Con asked.  "Yeah...That was close. I am going to break this story.  The galaxy is going to know about these guys, if it is the last thing I do."  Con interrupts  "We better be leaving.  I have a place not to far away."  Back in his room as he pours them a drink.  "Who were those guys?"
  "You may not believe this but they belong to a group called the Investors.  They influence everything that goes on in the galaxy not just in business...but politically as well..."
  "Your telling me that there is a secret group of people who are influencing galaxy events?"
  "Yes...that is what I am saying."
  "That's absurd"  The enforcer smiles roguishly, knowing that he works for patrons who secretly influence galaxy events.  " finish your drink."  Roxella looks at Con with her green eyes,
  "Thanks, I thought I was a goner there."
  "I know." Con runs his fingers through her hair.  Kisses her as the two move towards his bed. The two kiss....The next morning Con finishes packing his bag.  Roxella is still fast asleep.  He leaves a note saying that his ship leaves this morning and thanks for the great night and Goodbye.  Con leaves the room and checks out of the hotel and rejoins his ship and team mates.

Frontier Date 53.189
  The very first thing Con does with his free time is to take a walk to the Hotel. Con steps up to the counter where a young human female is busy with her duties.
  "May I help you sir?"
  "Yes. I would like a room, please."
She asks, "How long will you be staying with us, sir?"
  "Two days says the enforcer."

  "OK, may I have your card please?" Con hands her the card and she swipes it through the reader. "Your room is 2510, here is your key, and I will call you a bell boy."
  "That won't be necessary, thank you.'' Con gets up into a waiting turbolift and shoots up to the 25th foor and finds his way to 2510. He puts down his bags. From one bag he takews out some clothing and places them in drawers. From the other he removes his laser pistol, knife, and bull whip. He ponders the sonic sword, but thinks about the wrath he has unleashed with it and puts it back in his bag. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, he fastens on the gun belt. He attaches the bull whip to the other side of the gun belt where he would normally have his sonic sword. The sheathed knife he tucks away in his boot, its usual hiding spot. He walks out of the hotel crosses over to the big shoping complex accross the way.

  Despite being his first visit to Port Loren, Doog felt right at home. Port Loren was a classic example of a PGC cookie cutter prefab metropolis. It was said a blind spacer would never get lost in such a city and Doog believed it, even the Stellar Tower Hotel looked the same as back home. Doog'd provincial mind was yet to truly appreciate that the city of Port Loren was the master template for the cookie cutter city design. The Stellar Tower Hotel building in Sengsen, the capital of his homeworld Fromeltar, may look like it's namesake in Port Loren, but he was now standing outside the original building, not a replica.

  He entered the hotel lobby and secured a room for two days. When the bell hop asked if he could give Doog a hand, Doog did his now infamous, "Give id five!" joke to the consternation of the human bell hop. A giggle from the concierge desk drew his attention. The concierge was a dral named Gallid who actually flirted with him some. Doog was still young and in his neutral stage but from scent he could tell Gallid was what a human would call a female in heat. As flattering as it was, Doog let Gallid down easy with just a casual touch that told the other dral Doog was still to young for reproduction. After chatting and joking for a few minutes more Doog actually asked Gallid out for intoxicants and a steam bath when id got off shift and to his surprise the offer was accepted. As he sauntered over to the elevator he pumped four fists in the air, reminiscent of his earlier joke but softly to himself he said, "Who's the big Dral now!" The sound of a soft giggle followed him into the elevator.
  After an invigorating sonic shower Doog took stock of his clothing, wear the miner's coveralls or his battle damaged skien suit. Before contact with humans dralasites had only worn clothes for work that required it having no concept of body modesty. In the end there was no question of wearing either outfit, he went out buff. Gallid had given him the locations of several dral merchants in Port Loren so he picked up a box of candied Ools from hotel gift shop before heading out.

  Gleep spends a few hours just sitting alone in the dark, contemplating what he could have done different, maybe to help save a team member. Being alone for the first time in weeks, he finally deals with the fact that he did all he could do for the team.
  "Defecation occurs," he states. He then gets himself together and goes out for a while.

  Alyson got up late, the last couple of days had KO'd her. The void jumps and the hits she took on Alcazzar took a toll on her body. She rolled out of bed and jumped into the shower luxuriating in a five minute one. Getting dressed into the same old jump suit and put her hair into a ponytail she picked up her room key and went out the door. Making her way to lobby and up to the front desk. "Is there a map for the city?" She aks the receptionist. "I'm new here and don't have a lot of time. I need to get a lot of things. Can you help me out?"
  "Sure can." The clerk smiles as he pulls out a folded tour guide type of flyer and says, "Here you go. This has everything you need to find your way. Also we are still serving breakfast the free meal comes with your room."
  Alyson smiles back, "You just made my day. Thank you very much."
  "Have a good day." The friendly staffer replies.
  Alyson turns and follows the sign for the restaurant. Heading out though the northern double doors and walking past the Loan Office, Market Place, Real Estate Office, Office Equipment Sstore and Off World imports. Reaching the double doors she opens one and goes inside. Standing in line at the buffet, Alyson picks out a few things, sits down and starts eating while going over the flyer. She sees the Human Clothing shop and marks that as her first stop, then the weapon shop, and if she has anything left over, decides to bank it. Finishing her meal, Alyson cleans up her place, and throws out her trash, putting the tray on top of the bin before walking out.

  Thanks to the room accommodations made by xZot on behalf of the VTC, procuring a room at the Stellar Towers became a simple matter and one he could have accomplished in absentia.  However, Kane did step foot inside the hotel long enough to both call a hotel service droid to deliver his things to the room assigned him and to find a vacant lobby vid-com unit to call up a listing of Port Loren's businesses as well as a map to several one of interest.  Once these tasks were done, Kane left the hotel property with only a couple of duffle bags he was careful to have kept separated from his other luggage and his favourite laser pistol. His immediate plan is to make resupply run into the city.


Lower Upper Class (150 cr/day)  Well-to-do Living 370 cr/week, 1850 cr/month.  (shelter ?) 1000 cr/month.  Food 215 cr/month.  Monorail 35 cr/month.  Misc 600 cr/month

Cult Affiliation:  The Clear Thinkers

  This is a reactionary political group with militant leanings that seek to banish (or destroy) Mentalists and enlightened characters in the Frontier. They have strong financial backing and fund projects that will develop items, drugs, and robots designed to thwart mental disciplines or seek out discipline users.  This group has the most political savvy of all the cults, has been careful to stay inside the law with its public activities, and is starting to run Clear Thinker candidates for various political positions, including seats on the Council of Worlds. The leader of the Clear Thinkers is a smooth Yazirian politician named Hased Kor. He is one of the most powerful individuals on Yast/Astor and expects to be President of the Council one day.

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