Business Name:  Optical













Special Abilities





Technol ogical









Ambidexterity, Comprehensio n 24%

Robotics 1, Technician 1

Robcomkit, Techkit







Infra-red goggles





Infra-red Jammer*










Thermosign Generator










Goods/Services:  OPTICAL DEVICES

Infra-Red Goggles - Infra-red (IR) goggles allow a character to see heat images in total darkness. They can be used to spot characters that are hidden in light foliage or darkness, or that are using a holo belt.

Infra-Red Jammer - An IR jammer hides the wearer from infra-red sensors, including IR goggles.

Magnigoggles - Magnigoggles are goggles that magnify visual images the same way binoculars do. They triple the distance at which a character can identify a man-sized object. They do not work like telescopic sights, and a character wearing magnigoggles can not aim a weapon.

Sungoggles - Sungoggles are high-quality sunglasses.

Thermosign Generator -The thermosign generator is an advanced form of the infrared jammer. It creates an infrared image of something that is not actually there by generating the proper heat patterns. This image will be seen on all infrared goggles and sensors. The thermosign generator has a 10-meter radius; it may create nothing larger than this radius. Creatures and items inside this radius will not be seen on infrared sensors. In image disc is required for the generator to create the infrared image. These discs must be custom made and cost 100 Cr each. The generator is approximately a one meter cube. It requires a parabattery to operate. The generator uses one SEU each hour of operation. 

Electromagnetic Optics: EM optics are used to spot the tell-tale pale blue or purple sheen surrounding all force screens and fields, whether caused by a device or a Mentalist discipline. Pressor beams, used for lifting and moving cargo, can also be seen by EM optics.

Floodlight: This extremely powerful light comes in many shapes and sizes, but is usually cylindrical, 60 cm long with a 60 cm diamter. It is most often mounted on vehicles, larger robots, and installations.  A floodlight must be powered by either powerpacks or parabatteries. One SEU is required every ten minutes of operation. A floodlight can cast a beam of light up to 600 meters. If it is directed at a character's eyes (requiring a Resolution Table roll on the Level 1 column each turn), the character cannot see clearly and suffers a -2 Column Shift combat modifier to all attacks made that turn.

Holo-Projector: The holoprojector operates in similar fashion to a holo-screen (see Defenses in Alpha Dawn), but can send the image on a high intensity laser beam up to a distance of 20 meters. The projector is the size of a 30-cm cube.

Infralight: This form of powerlight emits an infrared beam that can only be seen by those using IR optics. All other statistics are the same as a powerlight. It is generally used as an invisible signal or search light.

Infrared High-Resolution Optics: IRHR optics allow a character all the advantages of normal IR optics plus the ability to see maser fire. Unfortunately, it also adds the penalty for microwave blindness. A character wearing an IRHR optical device is blinded for 1d10 minutes if struck from the front by a maser blast. If the result is a 10, roll 1d10 again. If the second roll is also a 10, the character is permanently blinded (though he may have bionic optics replace his eyes).

Omnoculars: This optical device resembles a large binoculars and combines the abilities of magnigoggles with an automatic range and vector readout that gives the exact location of any object in view. The maximum omnocular range is three kilometers.  Various features can be added to omnoculars: IR, IRHR, UV, EM, and starlight capabilities can all be added as lens attachments (at the feature's normal cost plus a 20% installation fee).  A spotter using omnoculars adds a +10% to the attack of a long-range weapon, such as a grenade mortar. This is a delicate piece of equipment with a built-in computer and should be treated carefully. Omnoculars are microdisc powered for 100 hours of use.

Powerlight: The powerlight is a cylinder 60 cm long by 20 cm in diameter. Its beam has a range of up to 300 meters and it operates for 400 hours on two microdiscs.

Solar Optics: Solar optics look like giggles, but have a thin layer of polarized material between the glass that instantly darkens when brilliant light appears. Though the reaction is too slow to prevent the wearer from suffering the effects of a flash grnade, solar optics do help a character looking into floodlights and powerlights. This type of optics is used extensively by starship personnel.

Starlight Optics: Starlight optics are a product of pre-Frontier technology. When using starlight optics, night scenes are viewed as clearly as if it were daytime. This is because starlight optics greatly amplify even very low levels of lighting to almost daytime intensities. Therefore the character suffers no penalties for darkness. The only time starlight optics do not work is when the sky is heavily overcast and no artificial light is present.

Ultraviolet Optics: UV optics are useful in detecting anything printed or written in UV ink, paint, or dye (commonly used by Star Law to mark valuable objects), a LSS in use, or any object that emits UV waves.

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