Business Name:  Offworld Transport













Special Abilities





Technol ogical









Ambidexterity, Comprehension 25%

Technician 5, Robotis 2, Computer 3, Beam 3, Engineering 1

StellarTowerWestMall  Frontier Date 14.112
  A great many thoughts occupied Nathaniel's mind during the shuttle flight down to the Offworld Transport Complex.  So many in fact, that it wasn't until he had already stepped through the shuttle's airlock and exited the debarkation bay, that he realized that he had finally arrived at Port Loren.
  Motioning to a nearby service robot, "Deliver these bags to the Stellar Towers" Nathaniel says to the robot as it approaches.  "They are to be taken to the room that has been prepared for Nathaniel Kane."  Sure of this fact as Nathaniel had already completed check-in via subspace radio prior to arrival.
  "Yes sir."  It replies, accepting the credits Nathaniel tips before leaving to deliver the baggage to his room at the nearby hotel.
  Contemplating what his first move should be, he watches the hospitality robot depart.  Nathaniel finds his concentration momentarily diverted by the sights and smells around him.  His mouth waters at the different aromas of dozens of exotic, alien cuisines available in the food court.  And his eyes are momentarily dazzled by the impressive showcasing of the goods and merchandise available at complex's various shops and mini-markets he passes.  But these sensations are fleeting, and Nathaniel's thoughts soon return to his task at hand.  Making his way towards the wall comms of the lounge area, he takes several minutes to scan the datanets.
  The frown on Nathaniel's face indicates that the datanets have not proven to be very helpful.  But his frown is almost as quickly replaced by a smile, as his unspoken question of what to do next is verbally answered by the electronic voice of one of Port Loren's Travel and Tourism service robots. Turning to face the robotic speaker behind him, he notices that it is attempting to assist an unruly child and his vacationing family.
  "Port Loren's Public Library." The robot repeats, pointing to the large, floating holo-map of the city directly above.  Shifting his gaze to the holo-map, Nathaniel examines the flashing site indicated and decides that this to, will be his next stop. 


  The government of Truane's Star is hiring personel to carry out a preliminary exploration of a newly discovered planet.  You are to travel by starliner to Volturnus and map as much of the planet as possible.  The government is especially interested in contacting and studying any intelligent races living on the planet.  If you meet an intelligent race, you are to make friendly contact and learn as much as possible.

The first expedition to Volturnus disappeared without trace as soon as it entered the Zebulon system.  If possible, you are to locate and rescue any survivors of this mission.

As the Black Hand Gang boards the starliner "Serena Dawn" that will take them to Volturnus, the steward hands out an interior plan of the starship and urges you to study it carefully.  He also searches your luggage and places any weapons and power packs in the weapons locker.  His assistant places the other heavy gear, including the military skeinsuits and tool kits issued by the government of Truane's Star, in the cargo hold (The purple rooms in the centre of the map).  The only items passengers are allowed to take to their tiny cabins are their non-weapon tool kits.

During your journey, you have toured the area of the ship not shown on the map.  It contains recreation areas, the observation dome, the galley, the first class living quarters and fuel storage.  There is nothing else of interest in that area.

In the event you must evacuate ship, you have been instructed to proceed immediately to the escape bay (Grey room extreme right edge of map), where two of the Serena Dawn's lifeboats (The yellow squares) are stored.  Each lifeboat holds up to eight persons.  If it becomes necessary to use the lifeboats, you are instructed not to open the hatch until all persons using the lifeboat are assembled and ready to enter it.  This is because the lifeboats automatically launch one minute after the hatch is opened.  Then they seek the nearest inhabitable planet and land in the first safe spot. 

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