Business Name:  Dralasite Snacks













Special Abilities





Technol ogical









Form Change, Perception (20%)

Technician 6, Projectile 3, Piloting 1

Strip South
Frontier Date 14.112
  Leaving the jokes behind for a moment, Gleep goes around the corner to the Dral Restaurant.  There is a small group of locals in the corner booth, so Gleep grabs a table in the back.  He is asked to put it back down.  His waitress is a cutie and he chats her up a little, but a gruff look from the maitre' d gives him pause and he decides to just place his order.  After a nice bowl of Panongila Seed soup, he follows up with a nice Panongila Seed pasta.  After a nice belch, which he tries to hide, ineffectively, he finishes dinner off with a dessert of Ools.  Leaving a nice tip for the waitress, and a local number in case she wants to leave the maitre' d for a while, he saunters out the door.






Technician skills training and accreditation



100 per 5 days








  Dralasites are a restaurateur's favorite client, as they tend to eat almost anything, as long as it is scented and seasoned to taste: "It all ends up at the same place, anyway," as the famous Dral philosopher Otuumbagee once said. Despite their willingness to swallow anything which has been flavored properly, there are some foods which Dralasites savor and some which they often despise.
  Dralasite ingestion involves forming a pocket within their bodies (though some prefer to extend the edges of the pocket away from the body to form something of a mouth), putting the comestibles inside, and then closing the pocket. around the food. Drals can actually open more than one food pore at a time and often do so to speed up the digestive process; they also never use the same pocket for both speaking and eating, as the vocal cavity is connected to a voice box which would make a poor Dralasite very nauseous if food entered it.
  One fact which, from time to time, causes friction between a Dralasite and a member of another race is that, during and after large meals, Dralasite digestion tends to create audible and olfactory indications of their recent repast, which the other races tend to find displeasing.  Although this is a bodily function which Dralasites insist is beyond their voluntary control, an occasional easily-offended Yazirian restaurant owner will restrict the access of Dralasites to their establishment based on this occurrence (especially in cafés where alcohol is served, which tends to increase the evidence of their gastric activity).
  Even though Dralasites will eat vast variety of foods, they do have their favorite scents, flavors, and foodstuffs:
  Panongila seed -- a definite favorite as far as any Dral is concerned; they use the ubiquitous Panongila seed to make many varieties and forms of seasonings, including but not limited too powders, shavings, grindings, gels, pastes, sauces, creams, broths, etc. Despite what meal their having, chances are it has some form of Panongila seed in it.
  Budovasi Dral -- 'the tonic of Dral' comes from the scented leaves of the Budova tree on Groth (Fromeltar) and is used in the creation of a number of Dralasite confections and steam bath intoxicants, specifically the bath crystals of the same name. The Budova leaves themselves even have a pleasant aroma to the other Frontier races as well, who frequently use Budovasi Dral (or the raw Budova leaves) in incense and perfumes; even Yazirians respect the Dralasite spice which is used to make the famous (among Yazirians) Grothian ale.
  Ool -- if anything was ever precious to the Dralasites, than it is this. Ools are (human-) fist-sized melons which have an overpoweringly-delicious scent and flavor to Dralasites, young and old; these bright blue fruits have an almost intoxicating effect on Dralasites, who cherish even the slightest hint of scent. Dralasites prepare them by cutting the top off of the ripened fruit (then eating the top), mashing the pulpy insides, and mixing a favorite spice or two (often Budovasi Dral). The other races tend to find the smell of the prepared Ool very relaxing, Humans in particular, and often prepare them as air fresheners prior to a visit from a Dralasite friend.
  (Note: Humans can curry much favor from a Dralasite, if they offer the prepared melon to the visitor at the end of the visit -- as a farewell snack. It is rumored that some wise bussinessbeings have made out like bandits when attempting a takeover of a Dral corporation by simply offering the company president a prepared Ool at the end of the negotiations, and another rumor suggests that some store managers keep Ool cuttings in the cooling vents in order to keep the Dralasite customers interested in shopping there.)

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