Business Name:  Central Hospital













Special Abilities



Janniss Robbaur











Gliding, Battle Rage 25%, Night Vision

Medical 5, Psycho-Social 3, Technician 2, Beam 4




Technol ogical









Ambidexterity, Comprehension 15%

Medical 4, Psycho-Social 3, Demolitions 2

Inertia Screen


  When James follows Farlih's directions he finds the hospital without too much trouble.  In fact dealing with the crowds on the foot path and traffic in the street and other transit systems, McKilin finds himself wishing he were far from civilization.  He smiles wryly to himself as he stands in the queue at the hospital reception and after a short wait, books himself into a medical training seminar starting two days after
the coming parade and dinner.







Anti Shock Implant





Hospital Bed



50 + up to 20 per day


Intensive Care



500 + up to 120 per day


Medical Training Seminars



100 per 5 days


Psycho Social skills training and accreditation



100 per 5 days







Anti-Shock Implant - This is a small device that can be implanted in the back of a character's neck, making the character immune to stun attacks. A-S implants must be installed at a hospital.

A hospital can heal up to 20 Stamina points per day, at a cost of 1 Credit per Stamina point healed, plus 50 Cr per day

Intensive healing may only be done at sophisticated hospitals. The referee should decide if a hospital is able to do intensive healing. Intensive healing will allow the character to heal 40 Stamina points a day. The cost is three times the number of points healed per day plus 500 Cr. Healing 85 Stamina points would take three days and cost 755 Cr.

Oxy Drug Injector
This slowly releases oxygen into the bloodstream, supplying all needs for twelve hours. Oxy drug injectors are usually worn on the wrist, feeding the drug directly into the blood. The injector must be attached at a hospital. Once the injector is attached, the character may refill it with oxy drug as needed. The cost of a refill is noted on the price list. Note that an oxy injector will not protect a character in space; a spacesuit must be worn.

This process allows lost arms, legs, fingers, and toes to be regrown by the use of special medical stimulation procedures. It may only be done at the most advanced hospitals. The patient, obviously, must be alive (or in a freeze field) when brought to the hospital. Regeneration takes 30 days for a finger or toe (costing 50,000 Cr) or 90 days for a complete arm or leg (costing 200,000 Cr). How the character lost the limb in the first place is left entirely up to the referee. If the referee does not want to deal with this, the game problem of limb loss and regeneration may be ignored. Since Dralasites do not have any specific limbs, they do not need regeneration.

Universal Antibody
 This antibody helps protect the person from any type of disease. It may only be injected at a hospital. Characters with the universal antibody have a +20% chance to resist any disease (if the chance to resist the disease is 0% (nil), the character is given a 20% chance). This product is a great boon to galactic tradesmen and explorers of new worlds.

This process is very rare, performed at only the most advanced hospitals. When a character is to be cloned, tissue samples are taken of various parts of the character's body. These may be held for any length of time. From these samples, a new body may be grown when requested. Growing a clone takes 500 days and costs 1,000,000 Cr. Physically, the clone will be identical in appearance to the character from which the tissue samples were taken, save for scars and other uninherited physical traits. The clone will have average scores in Strength, Stamina, Reaction Speed, and Dexterity. It will have no Intuition, Logic, Personality, Leadership, or Special Abilities. A clone may be supplied with these abilities through an experiential matrix (giving the clone the scores recorded in the Matrix, see below). If a matrix is fed into a clone different from the person from whom the matrix was taken, the Strength, Dexterity, Reaction Speed, Personality, and Leadership scores are reduced by 20 points. No score may be reduced below a level of six in this case. Clones and cloning are illegal on some worlds.

Experiential Matrix Analysis
Living characters may undergo an experiential matrix analysis. This process will record all memories and experiences of the character up to the time of the analysis into a special computer storage. The process is mainly used to transfer memories to a clone, and may only be done at an advanced hospital. This process is dangerous as it involves severe strain on the character; there is a 20% chance that the following abilities will be permanently reduced whenever an analysis is made: Stamina, Logic, Intuition, Reaction Speed, Personality, and Leadership. One check is made for each ability. If an ability is to be reduced, the character will lose 10-50 points in that ability. All abilities (except Stamina) may not be lowered to less than six points. If the Stamina ability is reduced to zero or below, the character is permanently dead. The referee should record the reduced Ability Scores of the character analyzed and keep this information for later use. Reduced abilities may only be increased by use of experience points. The analysis takes one week and costs 50,000 Cr.


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