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Kitsch By Kalvin (Mid 90's)Biography 

In an industry where hype is the norm and outrageous stories are commonplace, it is refreshing to meet and deal with an act that is focused on getting the job done and prides themself on a high level of professionalism.  "Rocket" is just such an act.

Audiences and venues can now appreciate an act versatile enough to be warm and intimate, through the use of an acoustic guitar and sweet melodies; or rough, raucous and rock and roll with an electric guitar and programmed backing tracks.  With his prodigous repertoire and the latest in audio technology, "Rocket" can smoothly adapt to the changing needs of both venues and patrons.

"Rocket" Rod McDonough has been working in the Australian Music Industry both on and off the stage, performing, writing and recording around Australia for more than 15 Years, learning his craft and honing his skills.  From his early background on Theatre stages and in Musicals, to his subsequent career in the pop music business, "Rocket" has been exposed to many different audience types and as a result, developed an extensive repertoire and his own unique style.

"Rocket" Rod has performed and recorded as a solo artist and with various bands and musicians, experimenting with different styles, dynamics and instrumentation.  Technology has also played an important part with the use of pre-recorded backing tracks greatly expanding Rocket's repertoire and enhancing the sound of the act.  State-of-the-art hardware and cutting edge music software provide "Rocket" with a crystal clear quality of sound and compact staging.

The current show focuses primarily on voice, acoustic guitar and interaction with the audience, playing requests and material that best suits the atmosphere of the venue.  In more upbeat situations pre-recorded backing tracks are added to the show along with some electric guitar.  Rocket has a comprehensive repertoire, in excess of 700 songs, more than enough material to suit almost any occasion.

Some of "Rocket"s previous incarnations include "Kitsch by Kalvin" performing primarily in the clubs of South East Queensland.  "The One Eyed Jacks", an acoustic duo featuring two male vocalists with acoustic guitars appears from time to time but "Rocket" has also worked with a number of talented female vocalists in "Venus & Mars" and "Bubblegum", and more recently with "RandM" and "The Idles".

It all began back in the 1980's when "Rocket" fronted the popular Brisbane and Toowoomba covers band, "The Cupheads" this is when he first began developing his now extensive musical repertoire and gained valuable recording experience at Springbrook Recording Studios.

Rocket (early 90's)After cutting his teeth in the industry on covers of other artists, Rod turned his hand to the original music scene.  Writing, singing and playing guitar for "Kick It Inn" and "Toast".  Rods' first original project, "Kick It Inn", recorded a three track cassette "Two Flags" and a follow up seven track CD "Posthumous".  He is currently working on his first solo recording project.

In the 90's Rod fronted the 3 piece indie pop/rock outfit "Captain Hardcore and The Jolly Rogers", a favorite at party's and pubs around Brisbane and Toowoomba and like "The Cupheads" a decade earlier, performed Top 40, Alternative and Classic Rock material.

Underscoring Rod's versatility and his willingness to experiment with new styles and influences later in the 90's he was involved with both "Jump Club" and "Chilli Jam".   Both these acts worked the dance floors of the Brisvegas club scene, performing the latest Top 40 dance hits, disco, rap & even some reggae.

Over a 15 plus year career in Queensland, "Rocket" has performed literally hundreds of shows in venues ranging from the lounge room or the local Hotel to Festival Hall and the Performing Arts Complex.  Thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes have been entertained and continue to be entertained by one Queenlsands most versatile performers.

No stranger to the press either, "Rocket" has been interviewed by local print, radio and television media in his role as a songwriter and performer and his music has been played on both local and national radio. Most notably Triple J and Triple M, as well as a live performance on Briz 31.

"Rocket" has the sound's, experience and repertoire required to entertain almost any audience, anywhere and anytime.












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